Top 10 female characters ‘beautiful face’ in the gaming world

The most popular and beautiful female characters, but have a tragic life, many hardships. But with your superior control skills, these girls are likely to change their lives and fulfill their desires. So what are you waiting for without going through with me through 10 very special female characters.


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Is the protagonist of the game with an extremely important role, bringing in itself the antidote to humanity before the zombie epidemic is raging. But the grim fate has made Ellie wary, do not know who to trust before meeting Joe, the protagonist of the game. According to the game’s plot, we don’t have much information about Ellie’s family, only knowing that before her death, Ellie’s mother asked Marlene to look after her, who would later become the commander of Fireflies, an organization. against the government.

By the time Ellie met Joe, the two of them had a hard time getting Ellie to the place and Marlene was waiting. There was a time when Joe felt she couldn’t take care of Ellie and was about to leave, but Ellie said that since she grew up, everyone she trusted would leave her, that’s when father and son love. between the two who arise and become stronger. This was later explained in the DLC Left Behind, when Riley, her best friend, also left in chaos. One of the characters with strong personalities and possessing the best storyline that I have ever played, guaranteed to make you remember forever.


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Born to be the princess of Dalmasca, Ashe’s fate is as grim as many princesses have to sacrifice their freedom to bring peace to the kingdom. The tragic life of Ashe began with her being the son and the last heir of the Dalmasca royal family. All of her brothers died of plague or sacrifice on the battlefield, Ashe took the responsibility to protect the kingdom and build relationships with other kingdoms, one of which was marriage path.

A princess who has lost everything now because of the country to make an arranged marriage is probably the last thing you want, but that’s okay, the groom is a childhood friend and porcelain anyway Ashe’s destiny is much more interesting after that, if you want to know more about Ashe’s life, then try the FF version XII immediately, it will be very interesting.


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As one of the legendary characters in the Final Fantasy series, Aerith is known for her cute, beautiful appearance, but behind it is a difficult past that she has to overcome. As the last remaining Centra, Aerith struggles with her life when her parents were massacred in Shin-ra’s purge.

Losing both parents, Aerith is fortunate to be adopted by Elmira until she meets Cloud Strife. Afterwards, you play the game to know why Aerith is so loved, is one of the legendary versions of Final Fantasy, and is a childhood of so many brothers who have forgotten to sleep because of the title. This game, the upcoming remake will be a good opportunity for you to experience this character.


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As the commander of Silvermoon’s Ranger army, Sylvanas ended up being quite similar to Arthas. The one who brought her to that end was Arthas, during the Third War, Sylvanas sacrificed, but instead of giving her a quick death, Arthas withdrew her soul and turned Sylvanas into a banshee.

From evil to evil, Sylvanas must now serve the Lich King and command a part of the mighty undead army. Later when the Lich King weakened, Sylvanas gathered rebel undead armies to avenge his death, which became a legend. Sylvanas’s death was supposed to bring her reputation, when in that battle she bravely defended Quel’thalas, but died still, and still revived to serve the enemy. Anything like something like that, bro.


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Once again, the motif was started for the enemy, this time we will come to the legendary Starcraft game with the character Sarah Kerrigan. As the deputy commander of the Army of the Korhal Children, but after the betrayal of Arcturus Mengsk, Kerrigan was captured and appropriated by the Zerg, making her one of them and later becoming a female. royal zerg. Generally the higher position, but working for the enemy, it can be said that Sarah is also from a bright future but because of the loss of her team. Although being a queen, Sarah is no longer herself because she has been infected by Zerg.


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Emily Drexel Lela Kaldwin The First, worthy heir to the throne of Israel and the only child of Jessamine Kaldwin, who is reigning over Isles. Everything is going as planned when suddenly on his 18th birthday, Emily was kidnapped. Not only that, Jessamine was killed in an arrangement to usurp the throne. A tragedy happened too fast for her too young. But Emily did not accept the fate but rose to return to her position, as the result, I will let you title to find out when experiencing the game Dishonored 2.


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Hellblade’s plot offers metaphor, a message for those suffering from psychological illness, that you should try, believe in yourself and find a fulcrum whenever you lose balance. Senua, the protagonist of the game, a Pict warrior and a journey to Helheim to regain the soul of her deceased lover. On the way, she had to encounter with countless evil entities that were created by herself …. Senua was assumed to have a paranoid disease, where she painted a dark and dangerous world. Whether you can find a way out of torture, and where your journey is going, let’s experience one of the most heavily invested indie games ever.


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The story of Lara Croft is probably everyone knows, right, is a cult game with a fascinating storyline, and her past has made many brothers swept into the game. Since childhood, Lara has shown the quality of a talented explorer, she and her father have a passion for ancient artifacts. Her father, Mr. Richard, is a successful archaeologist with great discoveries. But because of so much time for work, he forgot that he was missing his childhood daughter Lara.

But Lara did not blame his father, she still loved and supported what he was doing, until Richard had a dark discovery, causing him to get in many troubles and eventually died because of this discovery. . Lara then finds mysterious documents and continues his work, then we experience the legendary game that has been a monument for a long time. Despite her traumatic past and the death of her father, Lara is optimistic and has a temperament similar to her father, strong, determined and full of passion.


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Born into a military family, his father enlarged in the Wisemen’s Committee unit, but later died by a secret organization. When growing up, she has overcome many battles and became a legendary American soldier. In the third part of the game, she moved to the Soviet Union to work with the evil Colonel Volgin with the Cobra unit. Forced to play the role of traitor America to win the trust of Volgin in exchange for nuclear bullets for the Heritage of Philosophers. But it was her student, Naked Snake, who was tasked with recovering the Legacy.

So The Boss had to play from one drama to the next to keep his identity and eventually let Naked Snake finish himself to prove that the US was completely innocent of the nuclear launch into the research base. of the Soviets of Volgin. In general, it’s because of the country that sacrifices, but this person sacrifices in front of the guns of his students, so to say the story of this game is really thrilling, guys, play but keep twisting your brain from this paragraph to that paragraph.


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As one of the last bosses you will have to face when playing Demon’s Souls, but this is one of the bosses you will feel most guilty when you go down. Maiden Astraea was originally the sixth Saint of the Church, with a pure heart. She is on her way to helping people suffering from the disease in the Valley of Defilement. Astraea felt that despite the worship of the gods, living beings were still miserable.

So she dedicated her soul to the devil, devoting her life to alleviating the pain of creatures in the Valley of Sin, even though she still has holiness, but because the brothers will play the role of the Demon Slayer, so you will have to destroy the Maiden Astraea. Even when fighting, Astraea did not attack, but her bodyguard would do it for her, but his appearance did not want to fight much. In general, they just want peace and help the weak, but they can’t help it, they just have to know how to fight through it.

Just now are the most beautiful women in the world of gaming, with thorns and unspeakable losses. But in the end, they got up and wrote their own story. And if you want to know where these stories will go, immediately download these great games to experience.

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