TOP 10 best Karaoke applications on the phone
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 TOP 10 best Karaoke applications on the phone

TOP 10 best Karaoke applications on the phone

Do you like to sing karaoke ?, you want to show your passion for singing but not enough to buy yourself an expensive karaoke set. Do not worry because currently, on the phone there are free karaoke applications to help you unleash singing anywhere, anytime.

You only need to download and install it on your phone, then select your favorite songs and then show them. To help you realize your passion. will introduce you to the top 10 Karaoke applications on your phone.

TOP 10 best Karaoke applications on the phone


This is a free Karaoke application popular on phones, tablets and supported on both iOS and Android platforms. With a huge number of songs including English and Vietnamese, you can sing as much as you want without going to karaoke bars or shopping expensive karaoke bars.


Some features of iKara you can mention are:

  • Adding more HOT songs today.
  • Update the ranking system.
  • Search for friends through geolocation.
  • Improve the recording system.
  • Improved sound effects, extremely good images.
  • More activities to create a playground for everyone.
  • Search for friends information by User ID.
  • Allow deleting uploaded personal photos.
  • Launching extremely interesting duet system.
  • Send messages directly to friends.
  • Idol system, which allows creating lots of good works to attract fans.

With the extremely useful singing features above, iKara will be a karaoke app worth to take up space on your device, install iKara right on your mobile device and unleash your passion for singing. Please.

Download iKara for iOS Download iKara for Android Download iKara for Windows Phone

2. CloudKaraoke Soncamedia


With the application CloudKaraoke of the Soncamedia, you can experience quality like a professional theater with moments of fun and entertainment with family friends without having to equip any expensive Karaoke equipment or devices. The application currently supports both iOS and Android platforms on phones or tablets. You just need to download the application and then enjoy the quality of CloudKaraoke Soncamedia only.

Download CloudKaraoke Soncamedia for iOS

Download CloudKaraoke Soncamedia for Android

Here are some features that Soncam Media Cloud owns:

  • Get instant access to 1,000 free songs selected from a variety of genres, a huge collection of 7000 songs with the hottest songs, new additions every day, powered by cloud computing technology cloud.
  • Mode smart song search by the first letter, by the author, the singer, search by the full name of the song or by each genre …
  • Lets manage the playlist and manage your favorite songs, create lists, add or delete songs in the playlist or favorite list, change the priority order of the selected songs.
  • Enjoy the voice, share files through the recording feature and enjoy singing “rustic” with a utility to view the lyrics as a text.
  • Friendly singing interface, easy to change the text color or change the background video for karaoke …

3. Red Karaoke Sing & Record

An application is also provided on both iOS and Android operating systems Red Karaoke, on phones and tablets, completely free and multi-functional. Red Karaoke is also compatible with microphones that support Bluetooth connectivity. If you own a device like a Bluetooth headset with a built-in microphone, you can connect your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and sing karaoke on it, using a microphone to amplify your voice, this would be an option. Perfect for singing Karaoke with family and friends.

Download Red Karaoke for Windows

Download Red Karaoke for iOS Download Red Karaoke for Android

CloudKaraoke Soncamedia

Users can try out 10 karaoke songs for free. If you want to sing more, you must register for a VIP account to access, sing and record more than 45,000 hottest karaoke songs today. In addition, the ability to record your performances with audio or video file quality.

With an easy-to-use interface, the ability to navigate clearly thanks to the system of smart button icons and background music with professional quality. Red Karaoke will bring you exciting and fun relaxing moments for users.

4. Yokee

Yokee lets you sing and share for free on the world’s largest video site – Youtube and is provided for free. Yokee works closely with YouTube to own the latest and best karaoke songs, with support for all languages, free content and daily updates from Youtube.


Your vocals will be upgraded and processed automatically with the professional pitch correction, mixing and standard mixing options, creating a slight variation in the reverb that makes your song. Performs perfectly like professional singers.

Download Yokee for iOS Download Yokee for Android

The main features to mention of Yokee are:

  • Unlimited free song catalog on YouTube.
  • Record your new version for familiar and popular songs.
  • Share your performances via social networks Facebook.
  • Vote for the most impressive recording after listening to your friend’s performance
  • The content is provided for free by Yokee in combination with YouTube’s unlimited library of songs and videos.
  • Support for songs of all languages, free and new content added daily from YouTube.
  • Redesigned karaoke song list to support listening to a song before and see artwork illustrations.
  • The improved display style helps Yokee users easily select the desired song and start expressing their voice immediately.
  • Playlist suggestions include songs that fit your style of music in history.
  • Add some stylish new video effects like GLING, 80s, SCI-FI and Animation. Apply effects to videos for quality and professional music videos like singers.
  • Video recording support with the main camera on the back of the device.
  • The real-time indicator indicates whether ambient light is too bright or dark during video recording.
  • Warning when the mic volume is too low.

If you want to upgrade to the package Premium, you will have unlimited access to the VIP song catalog, including the hottest current songs, in many popular music genres, from Pop Ballad, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Rock … Subscription packages will cost you $ 2.99 a week or $ 7.99 monthly. Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless this feature is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.

5. Sing Perfect Studio

Sing Perfect Studio for iOS is the perfect, free and professional studio app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices, unlike any other audio processing application on the App Store. This free utility will make your and your friends’ vocals extremely professional and perfect even though your real voice is not yet excellent.

To be able to perfect the voice processing process “Perfect Tune” The appeal of Sing Perfect Studio for iOS will add the appropriate studio effects to your recordings. In addition, you can easily build mixes that sound similar to recordings with sound solo, duet, double track …

Download Sing Perfect Studio for iOS


The features to mention in Sing Perfect Studio as:

  • Perfect Tune Accurate handling of melodies, vibrating voices, time and loudness of user-provided recordings, turning them into perfect music tracks like that of a professional artist.
  • Create mixes with many different singers.
  • Start and stop recording at any position in the song.
  • Get exact scores for each recording and for the entire mix.
  • Create mixes with solo, duet and dual tracks.
  • Control music playback speed varies.

6. StarComposer

StarComposer for iOS gives users a special experience to try singing and entertain you, completely free on devices iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

With StarComposer for iOS, you create a copy “hit” For yourself, it has never been this easy, with just a few simple touches on the touch screen and even if you have no singing or technical experience, you can still get real music. receptor.

Download StarComposer for iOS

Key features of StarComposer for iOS:

  • Support recording your own voice through the built-in microphone.
  • Create your own music videos and share them instantly via Facebook or YouTube.
  • Does not require any vocal technique or experience.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface design.
  • Provide 12 different music loops for users to choose.
  • 10 different music styles to experiment with.
  • Application suitable for both children and adults.
  • Save your songs to iCloud cloud service and access them with all iOS devices.
  • Learn more about music composition and mixing with the beat and bar display.
  • Full screen support Retina.


Experience StarComposer for iOS to be able to record your songs with the most current music genres such as Pop, Dance, Rock. Or other music styles that you can optionally purchase in-app like RnB, Funk, Metal, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Blues or Reggae.


7. Sing! Karaoke

This app was purchased by Appstore in August 2012, it has helped users to experience the joy through singing popular songs with friends and users around the world. Over time, up to now with the latest updated versions, Sing! Karaoke also allows you to create music streams with other users by combining and capturing performances.

Download Sing! Karaoke for iOS Download Sing! Karaoke for Android

Here are the main features that you can experience on Sing! Karaoke

  • Connect with friends by sending and receiving comments, favorites.
  • Share your performances with the community through the integrated feature.
  • Join other free songs and sing in groups.
  • Upgrade your voice with unique vocal effects like Pop, Classic or SupaTune.
  • Easy to share with external community via Facebook social network.
  • Many other utility features.

Also with the Premium version you can subscribe to unlimited access to the full song catalog of the publisher. Rental fees include $ 1.99 a week, $ 4.99 a month and $ 24.99 a year. And can pay through personal accounts by confirming the purchase.


8. Musixmatch music & lyrics

Supporting iOS and Android platforms, Musixmatch music & lyrics is a completely free lyrics management application. With Musixmatch you can find lyrics online, view lyrics automatically found in the app or listen to your favorite songs.

Rated as the leading lyrics application on Google Play and Appstore, with the largest lyrics catalog in the world with a database of up to 6.5 million popular lyrics in 30 languages different.

With Musixmatch you can use the features below as:

  • Access millions of lyrics.
  • Play music right in the app.
  • Play the full album.
  • See the big album cover.
  • Identify music through microphone with MusicID.
  • Access lyrics in 10 different languages.
  • Play MP3, WMA, M4A (non-DRM) music files.
  • Play music on PlayTo-enabled devices (e.g. Xbox and Dlna tvs).
  • Buy music online on Amazon, iTunes and 7-Digital.
  • Optimized for Microsoft Surface and WindowsRT devices!

Download Musixmatch for iOS Download Musixmatch for Android

Download Musixmatch for Windows


9. Karaoke Vietnam

A quick lookup application of songs in 5-digit Karaoke machine to save you your time, you can search for songs by title, author name, the application also allows you to save songs to your favorite list. The playlist is taken from Arirang’s 5-digit Karaoke song. Be updated to VOL 57 and Music Core at VOL 86.

Key features on Karaoke Vietnam:

  • Update the Arirang 5-song Karaoke song list
  • Update the song list Karaoke Music Core
  • Collection of English Karaoke song lists.
  • Search in many different ways.
  • The speed of finding karaoke songs is very fast.
  • Support offline search when no network connection.
  • Save the song to your favorites.
  • Backup and sync songs easily.
  • Support iPhone, iPod, iPad.

Download Karaoke Vietnam for iOS Download Karaoke Vietnam for Android

Download Karaoke Vietnam for Windows Phone


ten. Karaoke Anywhere

Is the first Karaoke application on the iPhone with a music library of more than 8,000 extremely attractive songs. Karaoke Anywhere is a great karaoke music book that gives users a comprehensive experience of singing karaoke without the need for crowded karaoke equipment or rooms.

Download Karaoke Anywhere for iOS


Summary of key features on Karaoke Anywhere:

  • Perfect combination of extensive play and installation playlists.
  • Export to TV so you can watch it on the big screen.
  • Lock change function – change the key to play music to suit the user’s voice range.
  • Record, mix and share your performances with iTunes compatible format to play music later. Share to social networks Twitter and Facebook directly from the application.
  • Full control of headphones during audio playback with Reverb and Echo vocal range effects.
  • Subscribe to Karaoke Anywhere Plus to access more than 8000 songs for a low monthly fee.
  • Buy individual songs from the publisher’s music library with more than 40,000 songs from the Digital Download Store.
  • Join the Karaoke Anywhere user community and vote for songs up or down, so that the best song will win.
  • Import / export multiple songs (MP3 + G) and performances via iTunes file sharing to backup and play music.
  • Comprehensive compatibility with iRig Microphone.

Above is the article has synthesized Karaoke applications on mobile devices, with the applications listed above, you can choose a suitable application to serve your passion. sing by yourself without karaoke equipment or expensive karaoke bars.

Wish you have moments of endless entertainment with his voice.

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