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Top 10 best Grand Theft Auto editions of all time

It is not only the game parts that last for two decades but this is also a phenomenon, bringing Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive to a new level, and helping them earn about $ 5 million per day. And also because of such a long history, GTA has had many ups and downs since the first version in the form of 2D graphics. Up to the present time, GTA has many major versions and quite a few spin-offs. Here is a list of the 10 best Grand Theft Auto editions of all time.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Those who are new to the game must spend quite a bit of time to plow (or recharge) in GTA Online to be able to find interest in participating in the activities in this section. However, in terms of game design, GTA Online has made many people feel extremely surprised. Basically, this is a sandbox game with a lot of communities, power, factions, character skills, and countless other things for players to explore freely.

Besides, Rockstar also regularly updates new content, adds DLC to GTA Online, allowing gamers to organize car racing, boat racing, airplane racing events; or create racing tracks with extreme bends. In addition, the brothers also planned to rob the bank, then take that money to go … invest. GTA Online is probably Rockstar’s most brilliant achievement, in terms of game design.

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City

Because GTA IV does not really stand out, many gamers also forget the existence of Episodes From Liberty City. This is a DLC combo including the expansion pack The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony with a very well-invested character set, something that GTA IV has missed. While GTA IV revolves around the story of revenge of Niko Bellic, Lost & Damned focuses on Johnny Klebitz – a talker who is very difficult to listen to but lives very affectionately – extremely suitable for the protagonist of the GTA series. , and at the same time the plot is more interesting and more colorful.

Meanwhile, The Ballad of Gay Tony is a variant of Vice City in a more modern and new direction. Including many completely new radio stations, open up to hear where is found to be fascinated there; and the plot also takes the brothers to many interesting places, from nightclubs with neon lights to the rooftop of skyscrapers (and then parachuting to the ground). In general, what are the brothers still lingering from the Vice City and San Andreas era, it all converged in these 2 DLC.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

This is one of Rockstar’s smartest moves – recreating the city of Liberty City on a PSP. Rockstar not only found a way to encapsulate the whole GTA game into a handheld version, they also added many interesting things to the game. 2-wheelers on the street, improved control and shooting mechanisms, and the amount of vehicles is also very diverse.

In addition, with this version, Rockstar also has an additional opportunity to test multiplayer features. You can participate in deathmatch 6 mode (Liberty City Survivor) to shoot and kill each other by any tricks, crash into the scenery on both sides of the road while racing street, destroying bases, driving Tanks, in general, are really hilarious, guys. It can be said that this is the premise for multiplayer mode in GTA IV and V there.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

After listening to gamers complaining why they can’t swim in Liberty City Stories, Rockstar has added this feature to Vice City Stories along with a host of other new things. The soundtrack in this section sounds pretty good, but the money in Vice City Stories is the Empire Building mechanism. Vic character in the game must know how to manage many different real estate, and upgrade it and allocate a few soldiers to guard the place.

When you interact with your team, there will be additional tasks to upgrade the buildings, while you can go out and occupy more other lands, increasing your income. In addition, you will have more sophisticated gear and weapons if you know how to manage properly. This is also one of the few times that Rockstar adds this mechanism to the game. It’s a pity, bro.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Chinatown Wars is Rockstar’s second attempt to bring the GTA series to the platform with limited hardware power. This part brings gamers back to Liberty City, but the difference is from the top view and at the same time there are more minigames to help the game content become more rich and vivid. Rockstar realized that after Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA IV it was difficult to return to the traditional style, so they designed Chinatown Wars in the direction of “Nintendo”.

You will be able to manually fuel gasoline bombs, assemble sniper rifles, break the lock, and more. Of course, this new direction has made many GTA fans turn away, but if you know what you can expect from this version, Chinatown Wars will be a new breeze, breaking the Arab world. Traditional mold of the GTA series.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Instead of creating a GTA game with the same color as the previous sections, GTA IV remake Liberty City with a gray and gloomy atmosphere. Niko Bellic is a shrewd character, but his attitude towards criminal life is contrary to what gamers expect. This is also the reason why this part is not very popular with gamers.

However, again and again, this is the first GTA to use the RAGE engine, and it has shown the ability to reproduce physical effects quite accurately. Combined with the screen chase spurts in the game, it gives the player feels like holding a steering wheel in front of him. In addition, it must be acknowledged that Rockstar has done a good shooting mechanism in this section. Unfortunately, this part does not create the connection with gamers like Rockstar had expected.

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is a “bug fix” version of GTA IV. Besides the storyline and epic gameplay elements, gamers can also play with the first-person view mode, bringing a very new feeling to the series that has lasted more than a decade. In terms of gameplay, it is very excellent thanks to the mechanism of switching between 3 different main characters. Trevor’s character is very noticeable because he has a very strange personality, especially the interrogation screen – when the brothers are in control of Trevor doing all kinds of torture to get the information they want. And this game has raised many questions and made the fan community excited because it was both unique and … unnecessarily violent.

Whenever Rockstar launches, Rockstar has to find a way to please gamers. And fortunately for this part, it can be said that Rockstar has landed safely, proof that it has helped them earn a huge amount of money, and especially so far there is still a large amount. Gamers log into the game every day to have fun in the game.

Grand Theft Auto III

GTA III was a bold decision by Rockstar at the time. If you enter the game now, you will see it has some pretty painful disadvantages such as a bulky lock-on target mechanism and no checkpoint feature at all, but except for crumbs. After all, the game is absolutely worth a try. The open world in GTA III is very meticulously invested with many secrets waiting for you to discover.

Liberty City with the design of 3 islands must be famous. It not only makes gamers feel overwhelmed, but also brings moments of suspense and darkness with dense fog and flashing lights in the night. In order to contribute to the vitality of the game, the characters in this section are also very interesting and in depth, the radio is listening forever without getting bored. In general, it is worth to experience the brothers.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

After GTA III, Rockstar continued to conquer victory with San Andreas. Like Part III, San Andreas is also developed in the right direction and expanded, while still retaining the full spirit of this series. San Andreas focuses on more role-playing elements, allowing you to choose a variety of body shapes and costumes for the protagonist CJ. Weapons, vehicles, items in the game are also more diverse, and the open world is also extremely large.

Not stopping there, San Andreas has many forests and suburbs for you to explore the secrets that Rockstar has not revealed. However, the plot in this section is quite funny. It was hilarious and memorable, but it required CJ to go all the way from the suburbs, the mountain temple, to the lab and even to the casino. For San Andreas, it was as if Rockstar tried to cram everything into this game as much as possible. Overall, San Andreas is still very attractive, but there is another GTA part that is much better …

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

… And no other than the famous Vice City. With the context of Vice City (based on Miami) in the 80s, the brothers will play the bandit Tommy Vercetti has just been released. After being caught in a smuggling, he decided to find the mastermind, and build an empire of their own and depose other gangs in the city.

At the time of launch, Vice City has won countless compliments from critics thanks to the extremely attractive storyline; especially the music and gameplay are highly appreciated. The open world design also contains many details and brings a sense of life to gamers. In 2002, it was the best-selling game of the year, and it has sold more than 17.5 million to date. There are many sites that recognize this as Game of The Year and one of the most influential games of all time.

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