Too scary! Freelance artist creates “Pokemon Sword and Shield” realistic style fan illustration

Pokémon: Sword / Shield“Since its release in November, it has remained extremely popular, and it is no exception in the fandom creative world. Although the little friends must usually see the fans of Mali or Lu Lina, today I will change the taste and appreciate the realistic style Pokémon brought by the freelance artist Galajda.

AjGalajda’s personal introduction stated that he was a dragon lover, so he also made relevant creations on his personal INS. Above, her paintings for Pokémon: Sword / Shield include the Dragon Barrutos, Trilled Strings, Pong Milong and three fossil splicing sprites.

According to this rhythm, Galajda will continue to update the realistic style fan creation related to “Pokémon”, and friends who are interested in his style can follow.

Well, let’s take a look at these realistic style fan creations!

Ranger Network

Ranger Network

Ranger Network

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