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Too many malicious applications are detected, is Play store still reliable?

Over the past few days, we have become accustomed to information such as: "the right" application to update Samsung smartphone software on Play store to charge fee instead of the free genuine update, or discover thousands of applications malicious on Play store.

According to reports from the University of Sydney and Data61 of CSIRO, some applications require suspicious device access, others contain malware. Research about 1 million applications on Play store, most of them violate user privacy, according to GSMarena, although they do not contain malware but these applications still require a lot of access rights. Sensitive data, including our very familiar titles like Hill Climb Racing or Temple Run.

About Play store, surely we are no stranger, this is an app market with Android OS, since Apple launched the market model of App store app integrated with iOS, Android as the biggest rival iOS also launched similar models. This is where developers (Developers, Dev for short) put their applications, Google as Host will check, censor and publish it to Play store so that millions of Android users can search. and download.

Android with about 74% of the market share in 2018, Google is the big software guy in the world, but the quality of apps on Play store is not as good as the App store, and a lot of "seals" on Play store apps have been detected. So, asking the question, is Play store still reliable? Please quote some of your ideas from Make Tech Easier on this issue:

  • Miguel expressed confidence in the app publisher rather than Play store, he stressed, "if the app publisher is not trusted, I will not download the application, even if it is certified by Google."
  • Andrew is cautious, he likes Play store because it is not a "closed garden", but he will "always take a new approach even for licensed things", saying that users You should carefully review the suspicious signs, terms of use and google information about the application before downloading and installing
  • Sayak said that Play store is more reliable than the third app market, but not yet with App store or Microsoft store, but almost everyone can release apps on Play store and include Adware in it, because there are few more censorship input
  • As a genuine iFan, Phil said that "he still believes blindly and will use any application on his device", he believes that the number of Dev wants to sell his application more than those who break it. ruin. He believes Google will not let things go too far, and not worry about current threats
  • Alex does not trust the Play store, he thinks that the Play Store's weak app quality is a big problem when using Android, so he switched to IOS

For myself, I have used Android since the time I first developed, first Pantech Sky, then LG G pro, G2, Asus Zenfone 2, Xiaomi Redmi note 3 pro, Mi Max, Mi 5s, Mi 5s plus, iPhone 7 plus, Honor Play and now iPhone Xr, I still agree that I feel the quality of apps on the App store is still one rank higher than Play store, about interface design, solid stability especially a privacy commitment from Host Apple. Downloading and using the app on the App store still gives me a certain peace of mind and believes that no matter what happens to the app, Apple will resolve it quickly. But still have to confirm one thing, Play store is still the safest place For Android smartphone users to download and install applications, of course safety and trust are still two different categories.

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What do you think about this issue, is the Play store still reliable? Please share your ideas so that everyone can discuss it, and of course "in the right peace and language" ;)


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