Tong Liya was beaten by her husband? Shen Mengchen and Du Haitao's wedding were pornographic? Wang Xiaofei and his wife fake love? Zhao Liying and Yang Mi?

Tong Liya was beaten by her husband? Shen Mengchen and Du Haitao’s wedding were pornographic? Wang Xiaofei and his wife fake love? Zhao Liying and Yang Mi?

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1. Big S Wang Xiaofei fake affection?

Wang Xiaofei’s incident of connecting with the female anchor on a certain sound was suspected that this was evidence of his going out to play around. And the big s hasn’t paid attention to his drunken ridiculous for a long time, so some friends suspect that their relationship has broken down?

For this incident, Wang Xiaofei is not actually the person responsible for this incident. After all, many of the things were said by his friends, but he did not expect that he would come out to apologize as a backer.

In terms of the speed of this explanation, at least it can be seen that Wang Xiaofei is very concerned about the big S.

Especially the two of them have just passed their tenth wedding anniversary, and the relationship is still very good.

But the reality show that they were going to participate in this incident is very likely to be pornographic.

2. What does Zhao Liying mean to Yang Mi?

Zhao Liying brought goods for a big-brand mobile phone case, and when she introduced something, she said, “They won’t drop.”

Her commentary immediately attracted Guarana friends to think that Yang Mi was connoted, and Yin Zheng, who had just had a mobile phone incident, lay a gun.

Everyone knows that the mobile phone matter is terrible in the entertainment industry!

Yang Mi once knocked down the photographer’s mobile phone three times in a row. This incident caused a relatively big disturbance at the time, and also caused Yang Mi to be infamous as “rude” and “fierce”.

But Sister Yu felt a bit over-interpreted, and it was normal to drop the phone. She didn’t talk about calling the phone. However, Zhao Liying and Yang Mi have always been regarded as opponents, no matter what they do, they will be compared.

And this video is from before, it was turned over and it was hotly discussed, maybe someone deliberately looked for something~

3. Is the wedding of Adu Haitao and Shen Mengchen yellow?

Shen Mengchen said on the new program of Mango Channel that Du Haitao could not be urged to urge marriage. In addition, Xie Na had also asked Du Haitao why he did not propose to Shen Mengchen. He had always been busy with work.

There are many Gua friends who think that they have been running together for nine years. If they are not getting married, they are planning to break up, right? This time, are you going to give the audience a vaccination in the show?

Du Haitao is very masculine, and will get angry when encountering small things, but Shen Mengchen will take the initiative to call him every time to make him happy. He should cherish such a good girlfriend.

The wedding reported this time will be held as scheduled if there is no work collision, but it is unlikely that Wu Yifan will be the best man.

4. Tong Liya was domestically abused?

Recently, Liya Tong wore a very thick bracelet jewelry when attending a certain brand event, which made Gua friends feel that she wanted to cover her wrists deliberately.

In fact, Chen Sicheng explained on the variety show that Tong Liya burned her arm with a cigarette butt. In order to grab the order, they accidentally burned a smoke scar with someone else’s cigarette butt. Although things have passed for a long time, Tong Liya would still be careful to cover her occasionally when attending large-scale events.

In the past two years, after Tong Liya’s career and family status, Chen Sicheng was very cautious about everything. Domestic violence would never happen.

5. Small breaks

Recently, the divorced actress whose relationship was exposed began to tease her little boyfriend when she was traveling on a variety show. At that time, the little boyfriend still disliked her for being old, but it didn’t take long for her to compromise.


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