Tom Holland reveals the movie’s action scenes are the best of his career

The Uncharted movie would have some spectacular action scenes according to Tom Holland, and that’s not nothing coming from the Spider-Man actor. He even revealed that these are the best action scenes of his entire career, which is truly surprising.

Tom Holland to play Nathan Drake in Uncharted
Tom Holland will play Nathan Drake in Uncharted – Credit: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0

The Uncharted movie looks set to meet fans’ expectations when it is released in 2022. Indeed, its action scenes would be comparable to those of the video game franchise. Tom Holland, who plays the main character Nathan Drake himself, has confirmed this. In an interview with the podcast ” Variety Awards Circuit “The 24-year-old actor said the film contains” the greatest action scenes I’ve ever been in “. Coming from the Spider-Man actor, such a statement is obviously quite surprising.

The filming of Uncharted was not easy for Tom Holland

Filming for Uncharted started last year. Tom Holland then revealed that his love for the game Uncharted 4 had allowed him to land the role of Nathan Drake. The young actor therefore takes this role very seriously. And for good reason, the expectations of fans of the franchise are very high. The film adaptation of one of the greatest adventure games ever created should certainly not disappoint.

This will surely not be the case. A few months ago, Tom Holland had effectively teased video game fans about the film by stating on Instagram that: ” the movie is everything i dreamed it was “. In addition, Tom Holland has just added during the interview that: ” the cuts, bruises and bumps I got from swinging on wires and falling from several objects were ridiculous ยป.

Besides the Spider-Man movies, Tom Holland has been involved in many action-packed blockbusters. His revelation therefore suggests that Uncharted will easily compete with the Marvel movies in terms of action scenes. Moreover, the actor Mark Wahlberg who will play the role of the character Sully had already compared Uncharted to an Indiana Jones last year. Finally, Uncharted with Ruben Fleischer in directing is expected for the February 11, 2022, or in a little over a year.

Source : ComicBook

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