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Toilet on the plane can't suck deadly!

Today on facebook many people share articles about alerts when going to the toilet on the plane. It is unclear where this article originates but the title and content are quite similar like "Flying on a plane can be deadly", "Going to the toilet on an airplane can be deadly" … Talking about a man the elderly press the flush toilet button while sitting on the toilet, then sucked into the toilet, sucking the whole intestine out, then the staff must be very hard to pull the old man out of the toilet.

Then the article warned, the attraction of the toilet on the plane was very strong, it would be dangerous if still sitting on the toilet and pressing the flush button. The suction force is so strong that it can cause people to get stuck in the toilet or suck the intestines out. Not only that, the article also invented that the lawyers required to have a clear warning, big letters for customers to read. Then tell me that the image is not clear so people mistakenly believe that they should not put paper or garbage in the toilet …

It is true that this duck news has been overseas for many years, for some reason why it appeared on facebook in Vietnam today. No one has used the toilet on the plane but was sucked into the toilet or sucked out. Discovery Channel's TV shows Myths Buster did experiments with real people sitting on the aircraft's toilet and tried to suck but nothing happened. The reason is very simple when we sit in the toilet, there are still many empty slots around, can not be completely sealed (seal), so the attraction can not be strong enough to affect the body.

One more thing, the warning image on the toilet is just not to dispose of garbage or paper because it can cause a blockage, not a warning not to discharge the water while still sitting.

In fact, warning is not to put paper, garbage into the toilet

You can absolutely try and rest assured that nothing serious will happen, if only pressing the discharge button after getting up will be more hygienic and clean!


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