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Today, Tetris puzzle is 35 years old

On June 6, 1984, Alexey Pajitnov, an artificial intelligence researcher working for the Computer Center of the Soviet Academy of Sciences in Moscow, launched his life game, Tetris. Previously, Pajitnov's mission was to write simple games to test the hardware power of the Soviet-made computer systems, including Electronika 60, the first Tetris computer. work. The device is so weak that it doesn't display blocky graphics, but instead has to take characters to create game graphics, each square is made up of two characters. [ ]:

35 years later, Tetris still lives very well, from Tetris 99 on Nintendo Switch, or a whole family game I like to play, from mother to sister, Tetris Effect. Perhaps then, programmer Pajitnov could not imagine that the game he created would become the highest-grossing game in the history of the game industry, topping the list of the best games of all time, even though it was there is no story, no main character, no charismatic image like the works now.

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Only a very simple idea, each block made of 4 squares (thereby forming the idea for the name tetris) will be stacked on top of each other, they will disappear to fill the space. For new blocks of bricks to fall. However, the young and old can not stop playing, since it came back to Vietnam with the 4-button NES electronic device, even the Chinese Golden Rabbit's battery-powered machine, bought a shop with 20,000 VND. .

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For those of you who have been familiar with Tetris on NES after the intense Contra matches or rescued Mario Bros's princess, 8-bit music based on Korobeiniki, the song was sung from Nikolay Nekrasov 1861 is really an unforgettable thing. Later, the Game Boy version was edited by Hirokazu Tanaka, still on the Korobeiniki platform and named "Type A":

It can be said that the most remarkable story about Tetris is the sale of copyright to Nintendo or other game companies in the late 80s. Everyone wants a piece of cake when realizing the potential of "addictive". of the "no headless" game but extremely attractive to all ages. You need to remember, in 1984, the Soviet Union still existed, and a Tetris-like work was created by Pajitnov through a computer system at the Moscow Computer Center, which meant using the labor materials of the Soviet people. It means that Tetris is the property of the people, managed by ELORG (Electronorgtechnika), a state agency of the Soviet Union, not owned by Pajitnov's intellectual property.

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Alexey Pajitnov

And, even the Tetris license is split into five, for gaming consoles, personal computers, arcade slot machines, and handheld electronics. Nintendo had a hard time getting the rights to release Tetris for two versions of NES and Game Boy, competing with another game industry giant at the time, Atari. The rest, now history. But one thing needs to be pointed out, then, that Tetris's father was not receiving a profit. SFGate estimated that in 1998, Pajitnov would have had a fortune of $ 40 million thanks to the creation of Tetris, but that did not happen because he was not a big corporation buying game licenses, but they did work with ELORG.

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But for Pajitnov, the story does not end in such a tragic direction. The negotiation process for Tetris license helped Pajitnov and Henks Rogers, Nintendo's representative, become close friends. In 1991, Pajitnov immigrated to the US and continued making games for Microsoft. In 1996, ELORG dissolved, Pajitnov returned to Russia to reclaim the copyright of his own brainchild. Soon after, two friends opened The Tetris Company, sold Tetris copyright to game companies. The 63-year-old game maker is still creating various puzzle games like Pandora’s Box in Windows 1999, Hexic and Hexic 2 on Xbox 360, and most recently Marbly on iOS. But perhaps, all of them cannot match the reputation that Tetris brings to Russian game makers.


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