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To travel in China, the tourist's phone needs to install the monitoring application?

According to newly received information, Chinese border security personnel will ask to install the monitoring software on the phone of tourists entering the country through a number of intersections in Xinjiang. This is the area where China is closely monitoring the Muslim minority groups living there.

Specifically, this report comes from a variety of publications such as Guardian, Motherboard or New York Times. It said the Xinjiang regional security officials had asked tourists to hand over their phones and passwords before entering China.

Agents will then disappear to install monitoring software on them. For iPhone, it is said to include plugging them into a scanner via the content of the phone. For Android phones, customs officers will install spyware applications that scan the phone and collect data.

It is known that these applications are named BXAQ or Phone and the data collected includes phone contacts, messages, call history, calendar, installed applications … then uploaded to the server. In addition, the program scans tourists' smartphones to find more than 73,000 files. Some of them include extremist Islamic content, academic books on Islam, …

The source said that the spy application will be deleted when the phone check process ends. However, security personnel seem to have forgotten to do it in some cases. This application is then transferred to network security experts for analysis, leading to the above findings.

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