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To make the player a star in the arena, what attempts have this boss-centric game made?

Introductory GWB Tencent Game Creativity Contest entry, a voxel-style action game that combines elements of the arena, performance and RPG-“Interstellar Arena” will be at WeGame and Steam at 4pm today (May 21) online. How is this game that combines a variety of fresh gameplays made? We contacted its R & D team Mo Ri Studio and chatted with the game producer Xian Yu about the R & D story behind it.

“Interstellar Colosseum” is a voxel-style action game that combines elements of the arena, performance and RPG. You will play the robotic gladiator J3, participate in the most popular Stararena competition in the universe, fight against creatures and robots from all over the universe, assemble weapons and build a fan group, and finally attack the champion!

At first glance, the game “Interstellar Fighting Field” attracted the author the most because of its stage fighting. Players need to pay attention to the performance in the BOSS battle to meet the unreasonable requirements of the audience and take care of the fans’ emotions, otherwise it will be difficult , Beat BOSS. Simply put, to please the audience, you can win! It gives you a fighting star experience, but also a feeling of watching a live fight.

The audience will cheer for your wonderful performance, throw a bounty, and even throw props to help you fight. The mood of the audience on the whole scene will gradually increase with the fierce battle, and even an excited audience may rush into the venue. Of course, if you are fighting passively, you must also be careful that the audience throws stones, apple cores, and banana peels on your head.

“In the beginning, I intended to focus on the BOSS battle based on the destruction of parts.” The salted fish above said: “But then I felt that there was a lack of fun or highlights, and then based on the beginning of the arena background and live broadcast ecology, consider adding This mechanism will feel very interesting, and will have some connection with the whole story. “

The requirements of the audience are varied, and players may encounter many fun tasks such as combat types (attacks, extreme dodges), coma types (rotational jumps), tough types (beating, restricted positions), and so on. But not every fun task can be retained. Above salted fish: “There was a very interesting task at the time, which was to speak into the microphone. The mechanism will only appear when the player has a microphone. Then you need to speak. But in the end it was removed. Because some computer settings will open the virtual microphone, Then we ca n’t tell whether it ’s true or false. So it ’s impossible to complete this task. Hey, it ’s a pity. ”

Although the stage fighting is very interesting, but the core of “Interstellar Arena” is still a unique BOSS battle. In BOSS battles, players can also destroy the mechanical BOSS body, cut down weapon parts, and pick up weapon parts to launch special attacks.

Asked why he joined this gameplay, the above salted fish said: “In fact, one is for fun, it will be interesting; the second is to supplement the richness of the protagonist’s combat experience. In addition to regular attacks, weapons are obtained by destroying the BOSS body. The parts can be regarded as dropping various special skills for the protagonist to use. Third, this is also a refreshing experience to release, players unremitting attacks, finally knocked down the weapon of the BOSS, and then picked it up, just like the BOSS Using powerful skills and applying one’s own way to another, I believe this feeling is really cool. “

Some players have worried that the focus on the BOSS battle will make the game too monotonous, but the salted fish above feels the richness of the game. It does not necessarily need to do a lot of gameplay outside the BOSS battle. The team chooses to do the best possible battle experience in the game. Players will not feel too monotonous. For example, some performance-based gameplay is added, relaxed fighting, as much as possible to design interesting BOSS, adding some gadgets in the lounge, and custom weapons, Xingbo and other different systems.

Above salted fish: “Of course, for players who want to challenge, we also provide more challenge modes for players to challenge. I believe that for these players, the challenge itself is the fun. The game may be online or creative in the future. The workshop, but it is not guaranteed to be realized, is still based on the experience that is as complete and rich as possible. “

When it comes to BOSS battles, one has to mention the voxel weapons of “Star Arena”. What is a voxel weapon? What is the difference from traditional weapons? Above salted fish: “The definition of voxel is more complicated, we use a simpler method to explain, that is, stereo pixels, which express the feeling of 2D pixels in 3D games. Voxel weapons are actually a point that we can focus on, and we In addition to another core idea of ​​stage fighting, the game. “

The original intention of the team design is that from the beginning, players can completely design their own weapons. Following this route, the diversity of weapons and the diversity of player actions can create more possibilities. It is very interesting. direction.

But after actual verification, the team adjusted the relevant content. One is because from the early experience, it is a very time-consuming and boring process for players to fight for their own weapons. For most players, it is difficult to fight a second time if they fight once. The second is that this process has seriously affected the BOSS combat experience. There is a certain conflict between the two.

The salted fish above: “So it’s changed to the way it is now. At the beginning, the player’s weapon is similar to the other game’s equipment system, but we put all the equipment into one weapon. This is the characteristic of our voxel model. It ’s okay to fight whatever you want, so you can play a variety of tricks with a sword. Then in the later part of the game, when the player is more involved in the game and also hopes that he has a different weapon, we open up the whole The weapon’s own fully designed function allows players to have their own personalized weapon shape. “

In fact, the voxel weapon is also a direction that can be expanded in the future. The team intends to leave it on the line and look at the form in which it will be more interesting for the player to make the game more fun.

One more thing to mention here is that Mo Ri Studios attaches great importance to the suggestions of players. They have a long-term feedback collection list that will record all suggestions that are helpful to the game. For these suggestions, the team will optimize the game based on the characteristics and needs of the game, and after careful consideration and trade-offs. Everyone is welcome to go to the gaming experience and make valuable suggestions.

Mo Ri Studio was established in August 16th, and currently has 9 members. It has been almost 3 years since the project was launched and released, but it was delayed for some time in the middle due to some unexpected circumstances, but in the end this The game is finished, so the actual development time is nearly 2 years.

Like most teams, Mo Ri Studio has encountered various problems in the process of research and development. Above salted fish: “Our biggest problem is that the development cycle is too long. Too long a development cycle will cause a big problem, is that the engine has many new features, do you use it or not? No need to tickle your heart, use it, You face countless problems. “

Although Mori Studio chose to use it at the end, it also spent a lot of time to solve the problem. Fortunately, the quality of the game did improve greatly. The salted fish above the producer felt that it was not a loss. .

For the future, the team’s first consideration is the issue of “Star Arena” going online on May 21. Above salted fish: “Of course, the team will continue to play interesting games in the future. Through this project and the past few years, we are also a relatively mature team. Although the number of people is not large, the entire development process has a very interesting set of its own. I believe that we can create many interesting games in the future, but the premise is to survive first! At present, we have been exploring new projects for a while, and we should be sure that it will be a very interesting new game. Long-term The goal is to expand the scale and do a variety of games. Let the team members make games happily and let players like to play. The fun of the game is more important than anything. “

Finally, if your game is full of ideas and creativity, if you also want your game to be seen by more people, if your team encounters some development bottlenecks and needs expert guidance, welcome to sign up for the 2020 GWB Tencent Game Creative Competition.

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