To have a pleasant interior compartment, please travel the spring of the year

At the end of the year, I go shopping a lot to prepare for a Tet holiday. Do not know how clumsy wife spilled food, drinking water in the car made the interior full of unpleasant smell.

Cleaning up is not enough

Struggling forever to wipe out the stain on the chair, then the smell is still too heavy due to all the seafood. So the decision to bring the car to the shop thanks to the inspection and cleaning staff. It takes time and effort at the end of the year.

Focusing on the worker to discover a lot of leftovers leftovers in the little guys. The employee said that this is the reason why the interior of the car is still stinking despite being thoroughly cleaned. Not to mention, if left for a long time, they can be moldy, causing the chair system or internal parts to be affected and smell quite bad.


Then when used, the odors sticking to the air conditioning filter makes the air inside the car still smells unpleasant. Then parts such as the ceiling, car seats … are also where the smell is easily absorbed. That is why we have cleaned up all the food and water but still have a bad smell.

The best way for car washers to share their experiences is to remove the car seat where the water leaks, causing food or drinking water odors. Then proceed to process the floor carpets with chemicals and then expose them to the sun to smell.

In addition, it is important to bring the car, chairs and carpets or floor mats to the sun as long as possible until the odor disappears or is more comfortable. If the odor is too heavy, it may need to be repeated several times to overcome it.


If the smell is too heavy, after cleaning, you must replace the air conditioner filter because it is a difficult place to clean and the smell still sticks. Because saving without changing odors circulates in your car only.

Using perfume improperly makes the smell worse

Besides rough handling and sun exposure, there are many ways to deodorize car interiors. White vinegar with baking soda is not a bad choice. If you have time, you can mix white vinegar with water, then pour them over the entire surface of the area where the odor comes from. Leave them on for a while before drying. Then use baking soda to cover the area and let stand for at least 8 hours. Make sure the odor will go immediately.


In the case of small gaps, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt. You can then use the steam mop to clean the carpet surface. In addition, coffee powder can be used to deodorize by coating them on the surface where the smell is.

Charcoal can also be used to deodorize your car. By putting them in a small pot and then place the smell. Or using cat litter for cats can also help clean the smell in your car.

Many people also have a habit of using perfume or deodorant to spray through the speakers inside the car. This does not solve the problem thoroughly, it only makes the car smell worse. If you are too busy, take it to the store, the staff will solve it quickly.


Especially remember, do not subjective or lazy cleaning up through the speakers. This greatly affects the durability and new car interior. Do not carry a car full of unpleasant odors traveling spring. It will make your first year trip uncomfortable by the smell of unnecessary.


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