To build smart home fitness equipment, "Tempo" received 60 million US dollars in Series B financing_detailed interpretation_news_hot events_36氪
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To build smart home fitness equipment, “Tempo” received 60 million US dollars in Series B financing_detailed interpretation_news_hot events_36氪

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“Tempo” official website

According to foreign media reports, recently, the fitness brand “Tempo” received US$60 million in Series B financing. This round of financing was led by Norwest Venture Partners and General Catalyst. Existing investors Founders Fund, Signal Fire, DCM, Y Combinator and Bling Capital participated.

In 2015, “Tempo”, headquartered in San Francisco, was founded by Joshua Augustin and Moawia Eldeeb. It is an enterprise that provides fitness services.The company’s product is a fitness training screen called “Tempo Vision”.

By using the 3D motion capture system and AI technology, during exercise, “Tempo Vision” will analyze the 25 basic joints of the human body and provide feedback in an easy-to-understand form, thus creating a home gym for users.In addition, the platform’s coaches can also provide users with richer and more effective exercise guidance.

It is understood that“Tempo”ThisThe price of the equipment is about US$2,000, and users need to pay a monthly membership fee of US$39, after which they can participate in unlimited courses and personalized training. Its content includes strength training, aerobic exercise and various other sports, and users can broadcast it live or on demand.

First, Tempo Vision captures movement by emitting 30 infrared light pulses per second, thereby generating a 3D model of the human body composed of 80,000 independent data points.In a real-time course, when the user’s actions make a mistake,“Tempo”The coach of will be notified and will tell the user when to straighten the waist, elbow, etc.

In order to protect the privacy of users,“Tempo” can only recognize the user’s skeleton dynamics,Could not capture any interior decoration of their house. Therefore, consumers can use it with confidence and do not have to worry about privacy leakage.

“Tempo” official website

There is no doubt that home fitness is very popular nowadays. In recent years, this category has gained considerable traction, especially in the past few months, the continued epidemic of COVID-19 has increased people’s interest in it.

The company said it is expected to reach a turnover of $100 million by the end of this year, partly because sales have increased 500% since the company opened up pre-order services in February this year.

Recently, other startups in the home fitness field have also received investors’ attention. Just a month ago, Mirror, one of “Tempo”‘s main competitors, was acquired by fitness brand Lululemon for US$500 million. Also worth mentioning is Peloton, whose streaming fitness classes continue to develop.

For the new round of financing, “Tempo” will be used to expand its business scope, aiming to bring home fitness services to more fitness enthusiasts.


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