TNS Rand Paul: Impeaching Trump is 'partisan farce', the chance of accusing 'zero'

TNS Rand Paul: Impeaching Trump is ‘partisan farce’, the chance of accusing ‘zero’

Republican Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky) on Sunday (February 7, US time) announced that the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump was nothing more than a “partisan farce“With the chance of being charged in the Senate asequal zero“.

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In an interview on Fox News on 7/2, TNS Rand Paul strongly criticized a major Democratic attempt to impeach Mr. Trump because of his controversial speech on January 6. , before the Capitol infiltration. In his speech to a crowd of supporters on January 6, Mr. Trump called for the march “moderate and patriotic“.

If we are going to criminalize the speech, and somehow impeach people when they say, ‘Fight for your voice to be heard’, then I suppose we should then find The impeachment of New York State Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer”, Said TNS Paul, referring to the provocative speech of the Senate Minority Leader in March 2020. Mr. Schumer’s remarks during a then-rights advocates gathering led some lawmakers to call for a vote of no confidence on him.

He [Schumer] went to the Supreme Court, had stood before the Supreme Court and said clearly, ‘Oh [Thẩm phán] Gorsuch, dear [Thẩm phán] Kavanaugh, you are spreading a vortex. And you will pay the price. ‘ This provocative words, this violent statement of [ông] Chuck Schumer is so bad that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court [John Robert], a man who rarely speaks publicly, immediately said that this kind of female language is as dangerous as a mob trying to invade the Supreme Court.“Mr. Paul said.

In a speech outside the Supreme Court headquarters in March 2020, Mr. Schumer said: “Inside the walls of this court, as you know, the Supreme Court is listening to arguments about major abortion rights cases for the first time since Judge Kavanaugh and Judge Gorsuch took over. judges… From Louisiana, to Missouri, to Texas, Republican-controlled legislatures are waging war on women, all women, and they’re depriving of basic rights. I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you’re spreading a tornado and you’ll pay the price. You will not know what will attack you if you make these terrible decisions“.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts later criticized TNS Schumer’s statements.

In an interview with Fox News on February 7, TNS Paul also affirmed that the Senate’s opportunity to convict Trump was “equal zero“.

Everyone will have to judge for themselves… will we be able to prosecute everyone for their speech? ”Mr. Paul said.

TNS Paul also said that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Robert refused to preside over Trump’s second impeachment trial in the Senate. “This is a strong sign for all of us to see that [cuộc luận tội ông Trump lần này] it will be a partisan hearing chaired by the Democrats. They have already voted impeachment“Mr. Paul said.

According to TNS from Kentucky, Mr. Trump’s team of defense lawyers in the Senate will show a 2018 video of Democratic Congressman Maxine Waters when she encouraged people “trouble“Mr. Trump’s supporters.”

I think you will be able to see the video of Mr. Trump’s defense team [bà] Maxine Waters told the crowd to surround Trump administration officials at restaurants and attack them“, Mr. Paul told Fox News.

You will probably be able to see the comments of Democratic Congressman Ilhan Omar when she was delighted when I was assaulted, broke six ribs, and had to have part of my lung removed. I think you’ll get to see all of this and everyone will have to make their own assessment“, Mr. Paul added.

TNS Paul asked: “Will we impeach and criminal potential criminals of people for their political speech when they say ‘wake up and fight for your country, let your voices be heard ‘Or what? Has no one in this country ever heard a metaphorical speech?

You cannot just criminalize a Republican member’s speech and ignore all Democrats who incite violence.“, Mr. Paul stressed.

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives on Jan. 13 voted for the second impeachment clause and sent it to the Senate. The trial of Trump’s impeachment in the Senate chaired by Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy will begin Tuesday (February 9, US time).

Previously, 45 Republican senators voted in favor of TNS Rand Paul’s petition to consider the second impeachment hearing of Trump unconstitutional because currently the 45th US President is already a citizen. normally and the Senate has no constitutional power to impeach a civilian.

Senate Democrats have almost no chance of impeaching Trump, because they need the support of at least 17 Republicans to pass a resolution to impeach the former president. US system.

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