TNS Hawley: The left wants to combine the power of government and the power of Big Tech

TNS Hawley: The left wants to combine the power of government and the power of Big Tech

Republican Senator Josh Hawley said on the program “Life, Freedom & Levin” in an interview on Sunday (May 2) that, “The strong alliance” between the US left and “corporations big “is a great threat to free speech and the free market principles of” competition and innovation “.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley spoke on the program “Life, Freedom & Levin” (Video Screenshot)

Host Mark Levin told Mr. Hawley that the Big Tech companies “Very attentive to those who disagree with them or disagree with the Democratic Party”.

“For example, if you post a comment you disagree with [Cố vấn y tế chính của Nhà Trắng] Doctor [Anthony] Fauci, you could be fired. Whether you are an expert from Stanford, an expert from Oxford, an expert from Yale or Johns Hopkins. If your view does not match those of the government, you will likely have to pay the price [vì điều đó]. “

Mr. Levin also said that “third parties”, which claim to help review articles allegedly misinformed by “hacked”, are also not objective people.

“This giant censorship machine of ours is going on,” Mr. Levin confirmed. “We see Parler [một công ty truyền thông xã hội mà cộng tác viên Dan Bongino của Fox News cũng tham gia] trying to start a business. But the rest of them, they all colluded with each other .. and sought to eliminate this small company. They pushed Parler out of their app store. They removed Parler from their base… It was anti-American. ”

Mr. Hawley agreed with this and commented to Levin: “It is against America. It is against freedom of speech. It is against the First Amendment… and it is clear that the left is cheering them on. ”

The Missouri State Senator added: “You can hear Democrats talking about these companies – they love the power these companies have in their hands. They love it. They love the power of speech that Facebook and Twitter have, and they want Big Tech to do more. ”

“The left wants Facebook to censor more. They want Twitter to censor more. They want Google to censor more. There is a strong alliance between the left and the large corporations in this country. “

Mr. Hawley also affirmed, “The left can reap from these companies things they can never do with the government, because the First Amendment will hinder them.”

According to him, the government will not directly censor, so the left has actively used Big Tech to do it. And that’s why they keep claiming: “Oh, the First Amendment doesn’t apply to Facebook ‘,’ The First Amendment doesn’t apply to Google. ‘ They want to combine the power of government with the strength of these corporations. “And does that threaten freedom of speech?”

Finally, Senator Hawley warned: “If the American people cannot decide what we want to read and what not to read; if we can’t decide what kind of news we want to see; if we cannot discuss the news together; if we are not allowed to share what we would like to share, like ‘I think you should read this news, I would like to comment on this’; If there were some censors who could effectively ‘shut down’ me any time we expressed a dissenting position – then how would our democracy exist? “

Minh Ngoc (According to Fox News)

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