TNS Graham: Mr. Trump is the 'most active resource' for the Republican Party

TNS Graham: Mr. Trump is the ‘most active resource’ for the Republican Party

Republican Senator Lindsay Graham (South Carolina) on Sunday (February 14, US time) said he spoke with former President Donald Trump. Mr. Graham asserted Mr. Trump was “most active resourceOf the Republican Party. Former president “ready to go“After being acquitted by the Senate in the second impeachment trial.

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The Trump movement is alive and well“Senator Graham told Fox News on February 14. “All I can say is the ‘most active resource’ in the Republican Party is President Trump. We need Trump-plus ”.

Mr. Graham also said that the former President, former commander in chief of the US Army “ready to go and rebuild the Republican Party, he’s excited about 2022“. The South Carolina State Senator added that Mr. Trump “He was very grateful to his attorneys, and he appreciated the help we all gave him“.

Mr. Graham also asserted that Republicans need to work with Mr. Trump to win future elections. He said that he will personally meet Mr. Trump in Florida on “next week“.

We can’t do that [chiến thắng bầu cử] without him“Senator Graham told Fox News.

Mr. Graham added that the former president had “furious with some people“Republicans have supported the impeachment attempt.

10 Republicans and all Democrats voted to pass the impeachment clause of Mr. Trump on January 13. In the Senate vote on Feb. 13, seven Republican senators joined all 50 Democrats who agreed to convict Trump.

However, lawmakers turned their backs on the former president, who began to be blamed within the Republicans himself.

On Saturday (February 13), Senator Bill Cassidy (Louisiana) and Sen. Richard Burr (North Carolina) were both voted by Republicans in these two states to pass a reprimand for their support. for impeachment of Mr. Trump. Mr. Burr plans to retire at the end of his term; while Mr. Cassidy was re-elected in the November 2020 election and will not have to run for re-election until 2026.

Also on February 13, former President Trump issued a personal statement after being acquitted by the Senate. Mr Trump has said that he is thinking about his political future but has not released details.

In the coming months, I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve America’s greatness for all. me”Mr. Trump said in the statement.

The former President of the Republican Party affirmed: “Our historic, patriotic, and eloquent Make America Movement has just begun“.

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