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TNS Cruz: The Biden government is in a hurry to ‘stick’ to Beijing


The Biden government is hastily clinging to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), a policy that Senator Ted Cruz (Texas) calls “dangerous” in one video he posted on social media recently. Through this video, TNS Cruz wants to draw attention to the recent statements of those Mr. Biden selected to join the new Cabinet.

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Warming ties between the Biden administration and the Chinese regime emerged in the early weeks following January 20 inauguration. This raises foreign concern that Mr. Biden will reverse the previous administration’s many years of efforts to deal with the CCP. Under the Trump administration, the United States has begun to respond to Beijing’s “unlimited warfare” strategy by increasing its war of words and escalating countermeasures.

Mr. Cruz told The Epoch Times via email that China “poses the single greatest geopolitical threat to the United States in the next century.”

“We need serious, visionary lawmakers to deal with that threat,” Cruz added. “One of the disturbing patterns we have been seeing from one of Mr. Biden’s appointees to his other appointees is their haste to hold onto the worst factors. of the CCP. I will continue to work with my colleagues to protect the national security of our country ”.

The Epoch Times contacted the Biden administration to request comment on TNS Cruz’s statements, but received no response.

Regarding Mr. Ted Cruz’s comments, The Epoch Times has learned about some members of Mr. Biden’s Cabinet and has the following information:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, on the first day officially confirmed by the Senate, told reporters that the US-China relationship “could be said to be the best relationship we have in the world. gender ”.

Mr. Blinken said that he prioritized cooperation with China on climate change and other issues that the two countries share in general, and acknowledged that his predecessor had listed China as genocide. Muslims in Xinjiang.

Governor Gina Raimondo, Biden’s nomination for the position of Commerce Minister, has voiced his refusal to further list the Chinese Huawei Group on the Commerce Department’s Entity List. Businesses listed on this list will not be able to purchase US technology.

Another Biden nomination, Linda Thomas-Greenfield as US Ambassador to the United Nations, is being criticized for his statements from 2019 at an event by the Chinese Confucius Institute.

At a Confucius Institute event in 2019, Ms. Greenfield gave a positive speech about China. She told attendees that China has invested in Africa in a variety of ways, including railway projects and other infrastructure developments. She added that Africa would not be able to benefit from competition between the United States and China. She also said the US should “learn from China and its success in Africa”.

Alejandro Mayorkas, now Senate-approved minister of Homeland Security, “has been accused of abusing power to give special government priorities to Democrats with an interest. This leads to a senior Huawei official getting an EB-5 visa, ”The Epoch Times pulled from TNS Cruz office.

The Epoch Times also pointed out some recent actions of the Biden administration that will benefit the CCP.

Under the Biden, the United States will rejoin the Paris Climate deal. China is the world’s largest financial financier and also a country that builds both fossil fuel and renewable energy infrastructure around the world, according to Climate Action Tracker. China is also the world’s largest CO2 emitter.

The United States will now also rejoin the World Health Organization (WHO). Former President Donald Trump has accused WHO of refusing to carry out reforms as recommended by Washington, including providing evidence of WHO’s independence from the CCP. Since the first outbreak of corona virus in Wuhan-China, WHO has repeated the Chinese regime’s statements. The WHO initially reiterated the Chinese regime’s official statements, including that corona virus had little or no risk of human-to-human transmission.

The Biden administration is also delaying an investment ban related to the Chinese military. In China, certain companies have similar names, but are not officially identified as companies of the CCP military. Under the Biden administration, the Treasury Department is temporarily allowing the United States to continue investing in these Chinese companies.

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