TNS Cruz: Mr. Fauci perjured, backed by a tech giant

TNS Cruz: Biden administration created ‘catastrophic foreign policy chain’ in just 5 months

Republican Senator Ted Cruz (Texas), on Fox News’ “Hannity Show” on June 9, criticized the Biden-Harris administration for creating a “catastrophic foreign policy chain” in just a short time. 5 months in power.

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Mr. Cruz denounced President Biden’s foreign policy agenda for creating a crisis on the southern border of the United States, a war in the Middle East and “gifting” Putin of Russia many billions of dollars.

Senator Cruz said:

We know that the Biden-Harris administration has been a domestic disaster. It was an economic disaster. It was a fiscal disaster… But no area has been messed up worse than foreign policy in the last five months alone… It’s been a string of foreign policy disasters, end of this. to another, to another. You have to go back to Jimmy Carter to find an administration with so many major foreign policy blunders. What did Joe Biden do on his first day in office? He tore up the ‘stay in Mexico’ deal that President Trump negotiated with the Mexican government, which has since reduced illegal immigration to its lowest level in 45 years. [Biden] quickly created the Biden border crisis because he ended that international deal.

Biden has inherited the fruit of peace throughout the Middle East, the historic Abrahamic Agreements. Biden as soon as he walked in [nhiệm sở], began to harm Israel, began to attack Prime Minister Netanyahu, sent $250 million to the Palestinian Authority, which was in the same bank as Hamas, and promised billions of dollars to Ayatollah Khomeini. [lãnh tụ Iran]. And what happened? We have seen war in the Middle East and Hamas has fired more than 4,000 rockets at Israel… and then on Russia. For the past four years, we’ve heard the Democrats say Russia, Russia, Russia. Then, what did Joe Biden do? He just gave a multi-billion dollar gift to Vladimir Putin. He abolished the mandatory sanctions regarding [đường ống dẫn dầu khí] Nord Stream II.

Nhu Ngoc (According to Fox News)

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