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TNS Cotton: Mr. Biden does not consider the Houthi rebels a terrorist because he wants to “appease Iran”.


The Biden administration has removed Yemen’s Houthi rebels from its list of terrorist organizations, despite the fact that the group attacks civilians, sees the US as an enemy and is armed and funded by Iran.

The Houthi is a jihad with the slogan of “Great God, Death for America, Death to Israel, Catastrophe for Jews, Victory for Islam.

The Biden administration announced the move on Friday, on the grounds that it would make it easier for humanitarian aid groups to access Yemen. It comes after a statement by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan that the United States will legally end support for Saudi Arabia’s war on behalf of the government.

The Houthi rebels launched war in Yemen in 2014. Iran supports the Houthis rebels, partly because control of Yemen gives Iran a strategic position on the Bab el Mandeb Strait away from US forces stationed in Djibouti. on the Red Sea. During the civil war, both sides committed atrocities.

The move is arguably the Biden Administration’s latest “slap” on US allies in the region, and is an apparent attempt to appease Iran – a country the Biden administration hopes to drag. Pull back to the negotiating table.

Sen. Tom Cotton has criticized Mr. Biden’s “soothing Iran” behavior in a statement on Saturday:

“Houthi rebels are armed and trained by Iran’s overseas terrorist forces, IRGCs and Hezbollahs. They fired rockets at American civilians and sailors while chanting “America must die.” And they pushed Yemen into a protracted war, making the people of Yemen miserable. If this organization is not a terrorist then I don’t know what to call it. President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken may foolishly believe that a gesture of goodwill towards the Houthi will lead to peace, but the rebels have ignored the peace process for years while refusing to respect the cessation. shoot. The Biden administration is repeating the Obama administration’s deadly mistakes by appeasing Iran and refusing to name terrorists. “

The Obama administration supported Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen, but Democrats began to protest against the war after President Donald Trump took office and began improving relations with Saudi Arabia. Mr. Trump has listed the Houthi as a terrorist group during his final weeks in office.

Review the view on the Islamic World between the Trump administration and the Obama administration:

Xuan Lan (according to Breitbart)

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