Tire connection - New concept is formed

Tire connection – New concept is formed

At CES this year, the world’s leading component maker Bridgestone brought a whole new tire technology.

Accordingly, this tire is integrated with sensors to complement the vehicle’s steering systems, helping them to operate more efficiently and safely. Basically, these sensors will monitor the condition of the tire while moving and send data to the central computer to calculate the level of corrosion.

Sensors are mounted on the inner wall of the tire. Every rotation, they determine the deformation of the adhesive as well as analyze the tension of the tires. Not only that, these sensors can detect holes and send notifications to the authorities to inform about the road that the car will need to be repaired.

Share on Car and Driver, the manufacturer said that the newly connected tire technology was announced with a price that is not much different from traditional tire. As such, this technology has shown more potential for success. Unfortunately, it is still unclear when Bridgestone will bring this tire to market.


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