Tips to save battery for ASUS Zenfone 4
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Tips to save battery for ASUS Zenfone 4

With a price of less than 2 million, ASUS Zenfone 4 has created a big shock in the field of cheap phones. As a popular phone, but Zenfone 4 has many features most absent on cheap smartphones: toughened Gorilla Glass 3, 2-core Intel Z2520 processor, 1GB RAM, 5MP Camera supporting Intel PixelMaster technology in Low light condition very well… Of course, to get such a low price, ASUS had to “sacrifice” to reduce the battery capacity to less than 1200 mAh.

Tips to save battery for ASUS Zenfone 4
Users are given a battery when buying the device

The battery capacity is quite modest, the processor chip is strong, the usage time will certainly be less. Although ASUS has also included an extra battery, you must remove the back cover (when the machine is out of battery and turned off) and replace the battery. If you find this annoying, try some of the following solutions to increase battery life.

Charge the battery properly

Zenfone phones use Li-Po batteries for durability and longer duration than Li-Ion batteries. For the first 3 times of use, charge the battery for 8 – 10 hours. This process will help the battery “get used” and will help the battery operate more efficiently. Please note that using the phone until the battery runs out (about 7%) and then charge. During charging, you refrain from using the phone (preferably you should turn off the power) and leave it overnight.

Tips to save battery for ASUS Zenfone 4
Manage battery consumption on Zenfone

Surely you did not expect that, after 3 charges, 8 hours each (preferably power off), you will easily notice the performance, battery life increases significantly.

Turn off Wifi detection

Surely you all know when turning on Wifi, the battery will use more, so you turn off Wifi when not in use and be assured that the phone has been saving battery power. But in fact, even if you turn off Wifi, Android devices will not stop searching for surrounding networks as soon as you turn off Wifi. The purpose is for when you turn on Wifi, the signals will identify faster.

Tips to save battery for ASUS Zenfone 4
Configure Wifi to save battery for phone

To turn off this mode, go to the section Wifi settings / Advanced settings and uncheck the item “Scanning options are always available”. Besides, you can change a few more settings as shown in the picture to help the phone save more battery.

Turn off GPS positioning mode

The GPS positioning function helps your phone find the location you are in by tapping data read from the GPS chip, or from Wi-fi hotspots. GPS will help applications such as Google Maps, Facebook … locate faster. You can easily view the map, update status, post photos on facebook quickly without having to redefine.

Battery-saving tips for ASUS Zenfone 4 devices
Configuring “Location information access” (GPS)

GPS consumes quite a lot of battery. If you really don’t need location, turn it off by going to Establish, section “Location information access”, switch to mode TURN OFF. This will greatly improve battery life.

Disable data synchronization feature

This is also the reason why many Android phones consume a lot of battery, and Zenfone 4 is no exception. By default, the operating system will automatically sync data to the account Google Drive (if you use to log in and use your Gmail account) such as images, settings in the OS, application data, system backups, etc. that users will find difficult.

Tips to save battery for ASUS Zenfone 4
If you use OneDrive (formerly known as Skydrive), the synchronization process also happens automatically (except for Google settings, apps)

If you do not use a Gmail account, you do not need to be concerned about this. And vice versa, you need to turn off the feature “Auto-Sync” go.

Besides, some solutions like turn off Bluetooth (Bluetooth consumes a lot of battery), reducing screen brightness, … will also greatly improve battery life.

Do not use animated wallpapers

Using live wallpapers will make your phone more beautiful and more vivid, but this is also the reason why your phone consumes more battery.

Tips to save battery for ASUS Zenfone 4
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 live wallpaper

If it’s absolutely unnecessary, use static images instead of animations.

Turn off unnecessary applications

The first time you use it, you will find the interface on the main screen is quite nice, such as the weather notifications today and even … tomorrow. They are beautiful, but this is what makes the phone more battery-draining. Every time you use Wifi, the application will automatically update the weather, the location you are standing.

Tips to save battery for ASUS Zenfone 4
The main screen displays the time, location, and weather

To save battery, you do not need to turn off these applications, just press and hold the widget on the screen and drag the word Erase to hide widgets.

Tips to save battery for ASUS Zenfone 4
The X (Delete) button will appear when dragging any widget / icon on the home screen. Please note that this action only hides, not deletes the application.

What’s Next is an application that will predict the position, the work that you will probably do tomorrow (based on the data collected earlier), then display relevant information like what the weather will be like. What’s Next will display in both the home screen and the lock screen.

Tips to save battery for ASUS Zenfone 4
The application predicts that the writer will stay in Gia Dinh park tomorrow, when the weather is like

However, What’s Next sometimes predictions are incorrect, so you can turn off What’s Next app to save more battery.

Tips to save battery for ASUS Zenfone 4
Turn off the What’s Next Widget

Use Power Saver technology

By default, ASUS has activated the mode Power Saver (its battery saving technology). But if you want to save even more battery, choose Ultra-Saving Mode. Other than the default mode (Optimized mode), Ultra-saving mode will customize some settings to help the phone save more battery, and will disconnect the network (Wifi) if you do not use (screen off).

Tips to save battery for ASUS Zenfone 4
ASUS Power Saver app

Ultra-saving mode is really useful when you accidentally turn off the screen and forget to turn off Wifi.

Control running applications (including background applications)

With less battery capacity, the usage time is very limited, the more applications you run, the more applications run in the background, … the more battery will be consumed.

Tips to save battery for ASUS Zenfone 4
Resident processes on RAM

Therefore, turn off the applications when you are out of use to free up RAM, helping the system take up less resources.

To turn off a running application, press the button next to the button Home to display this list of applications. Just drag left, the application will turn off.

However, some applications are still running in the background (usually those running in real time, such as the Google Drive sync application, One Drive, notification update apps, news such as Facebook, Viber, LINE, …). To turn them off, you choose Settings, go to Application, select the group The application is active. Then you press Stop For app to stop working.

Tips to save battery for ASUS Zenfone 4

With the exclusive ASUS Zen UI interface, the above operations will be done faster, simpler through the following 2 tips:

  • You can perform the above operations quickly by dragging Power Control widget to the main screen.

Tips to save battery for ASUS Zenfone 4

  • You look up the title bar (on the main screen), you scroll down to the interface as shown below. It will help you to easily turn on / off the components as desired.

Tips to save battery for ASUS Zenfone 4

After performing the above tips, surely battery life will increase significantly. And the writer also hopes to address some of the battery life – the biggest “barrier” for Zenfone 4 users. In the future, we will wait for ASUS to release updates to optimize, Improve battery life.


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