Tips to buy used Toyota Hilux cheap and good quality

Tips to buy used Toyota Hilux cheap and good quality

Although Toyota is famous for its durability, but to choose a good old Toyota Hilux, the quality of the machine is still not easy.

General introduction of Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux is one of the pickup trucks with a long history, Toyota has focused on developing for many years. Hitherto, old Toyota Hilux car has also moved to the 8th generation car with various advantages and disadvantages from the user. The first Hilux was not from the factory of Toyota factory but from the Briska pickup of a Japanese car brand named Hino in the middle of 1961. Until 1968, Toyota produced the first Hilux. first. The name “Hilux” is paired with the words “High” and “Luxury”.

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Pickup Toyota HiluxPickup Toyota Hilux

In Vietnam, used Toyota Hilux cars are mainly of the 7th generation (2004 – 2015) and the 8th generation (2015 – present). In particular, the most popular car is from 2009 to 2017 because from 2009, Toyota Vietnam has officially distributed Hilux cars into the market. During this period, the company also had many separate changes to the vehicle engine. As follows:

From 2009 – 2015, Toyota distributed 3 versions of the car with 2 types of engines of 3.0L and 2.5L capacity. In 2016, Toyota made the first change, although the engine capacity was unchanged at 3.0L and 2.5L, but between the MT and AT versions of the 3.0, the machine has a change in power and torque. twisted. By 2017, the company uses two types of engines with capacities of 2.8L and 2.4L. However, the engine of the 2017 model car has been optimized to have a higher maximum power than the car of the previous period.

Important notes when buying used Toyota Hilux cars

With the old Toyota Hilux 2016 – 2017, because it has only been used for a few years, there are usually no engine problems and the car owner can continue to use the car after buying. As for cars from 2009-2015, according to the experience of buying used pickup trucks For many car owners and auto mechanics, buyers should pay attention to issues such as:

Engine noise

Noise emitted from the vehicle engine is one of the “characteristics” of the old diesel engine pickup. However, if the car emits a lot of noise or strange noises like a creak, then you need to pay attention to in-depth inspection, to avoid buying a motorbike that has degraded or has too many details. renewed.

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Check the engine compartment and listen for the engine sound for strange soundsCheck the engine compartment and listen for the engine sound for strange sounds

In addition to listening to the sound of a car exploding for “sound absorption”, one note when buying an old pickup It is very important that the user is aware of the sound coming into the cabin when the engine is running on the road. There are many cases when the engine does not sound strange, but when the car operates in reality or accelerates quickly, the rattling sound from the engine, gearbox … emits clearly and shows that the car engine is available. problem. If you ignore this, you absolutely can buy right old Hilux pickup truck emits the “rattle-like rattle of a farm engine” like many car owners, especially from life 2012 Hilux cars go back.

Radiator system

Overheating is also a common problem with diesel engine pickups. If the engine’s cooling system fails, the engine parts will quickly degrade and the car buyer will have to spend a lot of money to repair the engine. So as soon as you open the capo cover check old Toyota Hilux car, you need to pay attention to plastic parts, wires or even screws to see if the overheating situation causes cracking, discoloration, rust … or not. If so, you need to conduct a more thorough inspection to see the remaining quality of the engine, avoiding buying a badly priced engine.

Check whether the engine system is regularly overheatedCheck whether the engine system is regularly overheated

Should check other parts on the car to assess the overall quality

Besides checking the engine when buying a used car, you also need to pay attention to other parts of the vehicle such as body shell, chassis, interior … If the engine Old Hilux It’s good that these parts are showing signs of deterioration, you should consider because the cost of upgrading the interior or rebuilding the chassis is sometimes more expensive than rebuilding the motorcycle.

In addition, the simplest measure to accurately assess the condition of the engine, chassis … of the vehicle is a test run. With Toyota Hilux, besides running in the street, you should try more with the road, steep roads and test the performance of the engine when full luggage. If the car runs smoothly and smoothly when carrying heavy things, it means that the engine is still very good quality, durable and worth buying.

Signs of deterioration in the shell can cost you to pay for maintenanceSigns of deterioration in the shell can cost you to pay for maintenance

If you don’t know much about old pickups, don’t be afraid to spend money on repair shops or car inspection companies because “the currency that comes first is the smart money”. These units will help you to accurately assess the quality of the entire vehicle, not just the engine, advising you to get a reasonable price for the vehicle’s condition. Old Toyota Hilux. From there, you will not have to worry about spending a lot of money on car repair in the future.

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