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Tips for using iPhone long without running out of battery

The multi-function smartphone of the “defective apple” Apple has been dubbed a battery drain pretty quickly. Besides wanting this situation to be improved by the following models, please refer to the tips for making your iPhone more durable.

  • 8 ways to save iPhone battery, increase battery life when using iPhone (applicable to new iPhone models 6, 7, plus)

Do not allow iPhone to overheat

In the experience of iPhone users, this note is very important. Do not place your phone in the sun or in high temperatures. Battery life will be significantly reduced when the device heats up. The best temperature for an iPhone to run well is below 35 degrees C (95 degrees F).

Above this level, the Lithium batteries (especially Lithium-Ion) used in iPhones are very sensitive to temperature. It is easy to explode when it is too hot. This situation not only makes this smartphone vulnerable to damage but even harm to the user.

Tips for using iPhone long without running out of battery

Caution when using applications that drain the battery

It is difficult with this multi-function smartphone that you do not play games, listen to music, watch videos. But it is the reason why cricket has many features, applications like the iPhone often run out of battery quite quickly, within just a few hours, even though the previous battery was fully charged, it quickly exhausted.

However, when playing, or entertaining, you should be aware of the need to save battery power for the device by avoiding misuse of the above applications.

Mind your 3G connection

Only when using the data connection service, you should enable this connection mode. Because, when you often choose to connect to 3G, your device will consume energy very quickly. When there is no need to connect, go on Setting > General > Network and choose Enable 3G to Off to exit.

Limit making conversations for too long

Do not make long calls if not needed because whenever the phone emits a sound, the battery consumption is very high. Limiting your calls for too long will help you limit the negative effects that can cause your health.

Lock the device when not in use

Please lock screen, set auto-lock mode within one minute to prevent unchecked tasks.

Turn off the Push Notifications feature

If you are not interested in Push Notifications, go to Settings> Notifications and turn this feature off. Alternatively, turn off the Push Mail notification feature (MobileMe, Microsoft Exchange) by going to Setting Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Fetch New Data and turning Push to Off.

Turn down the volume

Even when you use headphones, turn down the volume when needed, this factor is small, but it also helps you can save significant energy for the battery.

Select Arplane Mode when traveling

If you’re traveling by plane, in principle, airlines never allow you to be connected to a mobile network, not to make calls. Therefore, it is best to turn on Airplane Mode, the device will stop searching for network signals.

This not only helps to be safe, but it is also one of the reasons to reduce the battery consumption on mobile phones in general and iPhone in particular.


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