Tips and tricks on iPhone computer application

Tips and tricks on iPhone computer application

Perhaps you have never used the default calculator application on your iPhone or just used it to add and subtract normally. However, in fact, this computer application is not just plus or minus as you use, it also contains many interesting features for you to explore and use. In this article, the Network Administrator will guide you on some good tips and tricks on computer applications you can apply on your iPhone.

Computer application tips and tricks for iPhone

Swipe to delete digits

If in the process of using, you accidentally dial the wrong number, instead of pressing the C button to start pressing again, you can swipe the screen left or right, the application will automatically delete the last number you entered so that you can enter further calculations.

Copy paste

Copy paste

You can also easily copy any result or any number. You just need to press and hold on the phone screen, now the screen will display the copied text, now you copy the result and send it easily without having to remember too complicated.

Multipurpose computer

Multipurpose computer

There is also a more versatile computer built into the native app on the iPhone. To open it, you simply activate the screen rotation mode and put your iPhone horizontally. Calculator application will now provide quite a full range of functions and calculations for you to serve learning and work.

Hopefully, with a few small tips above, you will be able to use computer applications more effectively.

Hope you are succesful.

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