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TIPS – 4 software to help check CPU temperature

For those of you who use computers, CPU temperature is one of the pretty important parameters that affect performance as well as handling heavy tasks, or even the operation of a computer. In this article, I will show you 4 ways to monitor CPU temperature.

1. Core Temp:

This is a small piece of software that can help monitor individual CPU cores by displaying the temperature of each core in the toolbar. Or also if you want to take a closer look at detailed parameters such as current, performance … related to the CPU, you can double-click the icons to pop-up it to another window.

Well, please note that while installing the software, it will install some unnecessary software / games, I am afraid to take note of checking out.

2. HWinfo:
Referring to the parameter testing software, surely you are not far from this software, it will help you to monitor all the parameters of the computer, not only the CPU temperature but also the billion other parameters. In addition, you can view the parameters related to other hardware such as RAM, hard drive … You can download here.

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3. MSI afterburn:

MSI Afterburner is probably the software that most gamers know, because it will show the game parameters such as temperature, clock …. Then you will know how the computer is working, Is the machine too hot or not. In addition, you can also use this software to:

  • Support for overclocking the graphics card (aka Overclock).
  • Displays parameters related to hardware such as CPU, RAM, GPU, computer temperature, etc.
  • Display FPS (Frame Per Second) to know the number of frames displayed in 1 second.
  • Take a screenshot of your computer while playing a Game.
  • Record screen videos when playing games …

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4. NZXT’s Cam software:

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This is a software that I find has quite nice interface, friendly and easy to use, including multiple monitoring items such as CPU, GPU, HDD, Network …. In addition, you can buy some of the components of This NZXT manufacturer is always for use in this application, like mod lights, adjust the light mode, or other cool devices and cool. If you use it normally, you can use it in Guest Mode

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