Tip # 1 - Podcast by iDesign: In the midst of a chaotic world, we're still moving on!  8 minutes to read

Tip # 1 – Podcast by iDesign: In the midst of a chaotic world, we’re still moving on! 8 minutes to read

Whether it is in Vietnam or another country, the epidemic is still going on, but everyone is trying harder every day, facing their own problems, facing the chaotic world. In this podcast we will talk with 4 international design and art students who are currently working and living abroad, to look back at a turbulent old year, update each other’s situation, And wherever they are, everyone is extremely brave in 2020 and continues to advance for the new year.

With this listening journey, wish you all year-end days and a pleasant Tet season. Listen to podcasts while relaxing or cleaning the house, giggle sometimes because you find yourself somewhere in the stories of these 4 characters.

This conversation we have Sin Nhu, currently working in Italy with Communication Design, Le Lin – a familiar pen from iDesign currently in Canada and used to study Visual & Digital arts, Leakage are in Paris with Interior Architecture and finally Su, is also a familiar writer and has just come to France for 4 months to study Graphics.

With the volatility of 2020, one Su Bewildered are trying to make his own pace of life faster than ever, one by one Leaks fresh and comfortable to be able to get back to yourself after days of chasing people, one after another Sin As very peaceful and pleasant, around doing the little things you enjoy every day, and one Le Lin I am working hard every day to balance my mind and continue to maintain and follow my chosen path.

Trailer # 1

Listen to the full version of Lach way # 1 at:
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“How” – There are many ways to “slip” yourself into someone’s world!

“Clack” is a new category of iDesign, about sharing, the feelings of people in the creative world. There each is a miniature world waiting to be talked about. And “Clack” The sound of opening the door ready to enter those multicolored worlds to sit back and coo. The words are not only perceived visually but have crept into your mind with sound.

The early morning and the “Creak” began

The podcast recording started at early morning Vietnam, afternoon in Canada and midnight in France and Italy, because time zone difference makes it difficult to arrange time to talk together. Main characters are friends of iDesign Being very far away from Vietnam, pursuing different fields and having different experiences. From far away places, we will meet to live “Clack” to talk about the past 2020 year, together talk about what has been done every day to chase dreams, the confusion and difficulties faced when COVID-19 “is near” and even precious things. The price obtained after a year must be “resilient” to continue.

Le Lin, Sin Nhu, Su and Lò Rò: Remote places connect with sound

Full audio version of Lach Cach # 1

There are not only sounds for you to listen to, but also colors for you to see. We instructed each character of “Lach How” to choose for himself the most favorite work of himself in the past year, which is the most authentic “portrait” of each person’s deep feelings. Four people are four completely different colors.

We have Le LiniDesign, an internal writer, studied Visual & Digital arts, studied and worked in Canada for more than 3 years. See more of Le Lin’s works at Instagram: @iseefeelings

Le Lin’s work

The picture with brilliant lines stands out on the black frame, a little opposite of her friend’s chaotic emotions in 2020. Le Lin shared: “The reason why Le Lin chose this painting is because it encompasses most of her emotions in the past year: homesickness because she cannot return to Vietnam as planned and feels ‘on the sidelines’ in the family events; outbreaks and feels pushed out of inherent habits; the spirit of making oneself sometimes feels left and small, and has to find interest again to return to the inherent but more balanced rhythm of life.

Le Lin has just moved back to town in a small but well-lit room, having a bookcase for the first time, she is still making cakes, making at a coffee shop, while at the same time nurturing her spirit and keep yourself creative.

Leaks’ Artwork

Leaks has been studying Interior Architecture in France for 3 years. Visit Leaks Instagram at: @theblushyro

The gentle, soft and bright work that depicts the garden in memory is a “portrait” that Leak wants to be seen by everyone. “This is an assignment I did in my last year of school with the theme: ‘Reminiscent of a garden in memory’. I loved this work very much for its bright and rebellious colors to portray my feelings and emotions when I was immersed in my favorite garden, as opposed to the difficult times I met. right at that time. I hope everyone always has a good memory to remember and thanks to that, we will strongly return to the present life.

Su’s work

Su studied graphics and has only been to France for 4 months, when the epidemic was still chaotic. A bit of confusion about his vision is how Su expresses himself: “The M or the B? Depends on what position you are standing at 🙂 ”. You can see more of Su’s paintings on Instagram: @chilaxu_illus

Su, claiming to live slowly, was suddenly pushed into a new reel with a new environment. Thanks to 2020, I live faster, learn to adapt more, and in the end … whether it’s M or B … “I’m still alive. right?”

Min’s work

SealedShe is a podcaster with the project “Break in the Clouds”, studying Communication Design in Milan, Italy for 3 years. You can see the Behance of Min at: Nhu Nguyen M.

Peace and tranquility is perhaps what Min wanted to describe about herself in the past year. Min’s energy is always radiated to reassure those around him, whether it is friends in Italy, or family back home.

We still have to move on!

Listening and sharing to realize that studying abroad life is not pink, it is not a lively world different from Vietnam, nor does it have to turn to a brand new page to write everything from scratch, rebuild Another story from chapter 1.

In another country, things must also “struggle” to be able to continue, each of them is trying harder every day, facing their own problems, facing the chaotic world of epidemic diseases.

The conversation of people in different time zones, different countries and in different spaces is also very different thanks to the sound that can share and tell each other small stories, emotions. A difficult year has passed and plans are cherished.

Those people don’t really have an overly flashy profile. Just people who live for themselves every day, do what they need to do, keep what they always pursue and dream their own artistic dreams.

The conversation was like a “click” to open the door, not only the “cup and cup” knocked on, standing outside the story of each person, but actually “slipped” into the world of those people to be able to have a chance to listen. Open the door that is waiting to open of souls always ready to share.

Along “How” “spleen” yourself into the inner world of the creative people with sound!

Article: Y.ink
Interviewer: Chi
Design: Tuyet Nhi

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