Tinh Kiem 3D revealed Top gamers “top of the world” in both server clusters

Tinh Kiem 3D has donated a total of 6 gold-casted Phuc Khiem Van Nien paintings for 2 tournaments, in addition to a series of unique ingame gifts.

Tinh Kiem 3D revealed Top gamers

Not only are gifts in kind, but the tournaments of Tinh Kiem 3D are also the place to decide who is capable of leading and stabilizing the people, to “stand above ten thousand people”. The painting of the Van Nien Phuc Khiem symbolizing a lucky New Year was sent to the best Dai Hiep, the bravest and the most powerful.

The best Dai Hiep players with the ability to lead the world in this tournament are:

  1. Top New Life Force
  • TOP 1 Newcomer Force

࿐ иɢô νιệт • – Tan Sinh 6

  • Love Sword 3D – TOP 2 New Life Force

Yen_Thu_Tu – Tan Sinh 6

  • Love Sword 3D – TOP 3 Force New Born

1St_Say – Tan Sinh 1

  1. Top force combat events Tri Ky
  • Love Sword 3D – TOP 1 Soul Event

ʚɞSBTC • ƒєℓιχ ღ – 636

  • Love Sword 3D – TOP 2 Tri Soul Events

︵Çɦíρ ༒ ⁰²¹ – Tan Sinh 246

  • Love Sword 3D – TOP 3 Tri Soul Events

Lovenotsay – 318

Tinh Kiem 3D revealed Top gamers

Affirming not “neglecting” the old server clusters, Tinh Kiem 3D still organizes thousands of events with valuable gifts for gamers on these clusters.

Tinh Kiem 3D revealed Top gamers

As soon as a new server was born, many Tinh Kiem 3D gamers wondered if this game focused too much on the new server and left out the old servers. To answer those questions, the management used its actions to make the most obvious answer. Despite opening a new server, the management team always pays attention to and “takes care” of the old servers with tournaments and events with thousands of attractive and valuable gifts.

Always maintaining the spirit and enthusiasm that BQT gives to players, only in February 2021, Tinh Kiem parallel held the Top race event in both Tri Ky and Tan Sinh clusters. By organizing tournaments in both server clusters, the game has provided the playing field for Dai Hiep delegates the opportunity to discuss swords, fight martial arts, and also show the love and enthusiasm of the BQT to both server clusters.

Tinh Kiem 3D revealed Top gamers

Every day the game is proving to the Vietnamese gaming community that despite always developing at the top position for the past 2 years, the game has never neglected and always devoted all of its enthusiasm and investment. for gamers.

Homepage: https://tinhkiem3d.playfun.vn/home

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/tinhkiem3d

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