Tinder is about to launch Lite version in Vietnam market next week - VnReview

Tinder is about to launch Lite version in Vietnam market next week – VnReview

Tinder has publicly announced plans to expand the market worldwide, especially in Asia. And the company's first step in this plan has just been announced today, which is the launch of Tinder Lite.

This application is 25 times lighter than the prototype application but retains the core features and Message Board. It is known that Tinder Lite will operate faster, save battery and use less mobile data than the original version. Currently, Tinder Lite users will still be able to purchase Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold packages in the app, but according to the company, the plan will be implemented after a while.

Tinder Lite will soon be available on Google Play Vietnam next week, followed by other regions in Southeast Asia and South America. Like all Lite apps, users can use one account for both Tinder and Tinder Lite.

This special application release is very important for Tinder's Asian expansion plan. Last month, Bloomberg showed Tinder's marketing efforts to overseas markets and how they adapted to different cultures. Match Group CEO, Mandy Ginsberg, said since the beginning of the year, the company has been spending more heavily on marketing in South Korea, India and Japan than any other region in the world.

A lighter application can appeal to older Android users or have slow network connections, and that's how Tinder is approaching the Asian market.

Tran Vu Duc

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