Tinder: how to add videos to the profile and improve searches

Tinder: how to add videos to the profile and improve searches

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After announcing the possibility of video chatting in the app, Tinder now allows you to include videos in your profile, expand your presentation and improve the search for people according to their interests. According to the platform, the novelty is aimed at Generation Z, who use the app extensively, and goes beyond just talking briefly about themselves in the space dedicated to the biography. Here’s how to take advantage of new features in Tinder.

With focus on generation Z and in the possibility of making the user speak about themselves in a more authentic and innovative way, Tinder announced the arrival of several functions to the platform. Now it is possible put videos on the profile and explore the app further, filtering people by specific interests. See below how to take advantage of the features, available soon in Brazil.

Tinder News

The news announced by Tinder offer the possibility for users to express themselves better about their tastes and interests. In Brazil, the features arrive from August and will allow people to tell their stories in an innovative way, without being limited only to the biography.

“This release lays the building blocks for a deeper, multidimensional experience that will define the next chapter of Tinder,” says Jim Lanzone, CEO of Tinder, explaining the changes and their goals.


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Explore section in Tinder

A new section, called To explore, comes to Tinder. In it, people will be able to select more specific interests, deepening the search for the perfect match.

O Festival Mode — which allows you to include a stamp on photos, indicating presence at major events — will also be present during the launch of the update.

Tinder Hot Takes Feature

O Hot Takes is a tool announced by Tinder that lets you chat before the match. This way, it is no longer necessary for the two people to like each other to start a conversation.

The feature works like this: there is a timer that counts down so that participants can talk before making a match. This way, they know each other better and, if they are not interested in maintaining the chat, users just let the timer run until the time expires.

Using Tinder’s New Features

Tinder news was announced for August in Brazil. To make use of them, you need to update the app, available for Android and iOS.

Photo: © Austin Distel – Unsplash/ Tinder

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