Tinder developed lightweight Lite software exclusively for Vietnam - Photo 1.

Tinder developed lightweight 'Lite' software exclusively for Vietnam

In the global expansion campaign, Tinder recently developed a completely new version of the app called Tinder Lite, and the special point is to appear in Vietnam first. This application will be 25 times smaller than regular Tinder and use less network data, but will still retain most of the features.

Tinder Lite users will not be able to upgrade Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold accounts yet, but the company says it will add that feature in the near future.

The application will be available in Google Play in Vietnam next week, then will continue to be replicated in Southeast Asia and South America. Users can also use the registered account in Tinder often used in Tinder Lite.

Currently Tinder has a lot of campaigns to conquer markets outside the US and Europe, according to Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg, Tinder has invested a huge amount of money into the Korean, Indian and Japanese markets. Version, higher than all other countries in the world. And this 'Lite' lightweight application will be the next step, targeting older smartphone users or in areas with high network fees.

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