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[Tin đồn] Can Apple remove iTunes in the upcoming WWDC?

WWDC has always been a place for Apple product users to look forward to major software changes because of its specificity for programmers. This year in addition to upgrading to iOS 13 is clearly shown in the roadmap, there are other rumors like the possibility that Apple will leave iTunes after more than two decades of launch.

This has been predicted for a long time because in fact, if iTunes is removed, it will not be very much affected because many users have switched to other Apple-created products like Movies, Music or both. Podcast. These are more array-focused products and much better connected than how iTunes makes users sync through computers like they are now.

The trapping of iTunes may cause many people to be shocked but it is also a way for Apple to shake off the past to reach a future when everything is saved on iCloud. It is also the company's new way of claiming that they still keep up with the trend when electronic devices can operate independently, smartphones don't need to have an app to download music or back up. or update the software. Now all of these things have been done through OTA, so even though a pain with many loyal fans when removing software is so familiar to them for many years, it is still a good thing to follow. .

There have also been rumors about the replacement of Apple's old Mail software in this batch, in fact this is what many people expect over the years. .


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