Greta Thunberg was named Time of the Year by Time magazine
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Time was criticized for choosing Thunberg as 'The Person of the Year'.

Many people think that Greta Thunberg has nothing to deserve to be named "Character of the Year" by Time.

The eldest son of the President of the United States, Donald Trump Jr., was one of those who expressed anger when Thunberg was chosen by the prestigious American magazine "Character of the Year". He criticized that the 16-year-old girl is being used as a "gimmick" and that the title should have belonged to protesters in Hong Kong.

"Time has eliminated Hong Kong protesters who are fighting for their lives and their freedom to promote a teenager to be used as a gimmick," Trump Jr. write on Twitter "How dare you?" He mimicked Thunberg's speech at a UN speech in September.

Greta Thunberg was named "The Person of the Year" by Time magazine. Image: Time

Conservative media have the same opinion as Trump Jr. Federalist magazine thinks that Thunberg is not worthy because she "just likes to speak in front of groups who totally agree with her". The news site Townhall wished Time "would rethink this decision". Daily Wire wrote that "leftists are celebrating the news", apparently not minding the fact that she overtook protesters in Hong Kong.

Time began voting for the "Person of the Year" title in 1927 and Thunberg was the youngest person to be honored in the magazine's history. A title given to individuals or groups of people who have a great influence on the world and the media, be it in a positive or a negative way.

In addition to Thunberg, the names on this year's nominee list include US President Donald Trump, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who denounced the investigation into impeachment of Trump, the U.S. women's football star. Megan Rapinoe, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Hong Kong protesters.

Many of Trump's supporters expressed disappointment when Thunberg became the "Person of the Year," a title they believe must belong to the White House boss. Some say child activist is just a "puppet" of US left-wing billionaire George Soros.

"She basically does nothing but show exaggerated emotions about climate change and offers no practical solution for governments to save the earth. Why is she a character?" of the year? ", a commenter on Twitter.

"A magazine that I will never buy," another mentioned Time. "The character of the year is a 16 year old boy who doesn't go to school, has no experience or education about climate change, and is driven by the adults who lead her to follow their program. Time is worth it. shy".

Thunberg became famous globally last year, after dropping out of school to protest for the environment outside the Swedish parliament every Friday. Her movement then spread throughout the country, attracting millions of participants.

President Trump has an unhappy relationship with Thunberg. In September, she was spotted looking at the President with angry eyes when attending a UN climate conference. Trump later described Thunberg as "a young girl heading towards a bright and wonderful future". Thunberg did not respond directly but changed his description on his Twitter account following Trump's sarcasm.

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