TIME magazine does not disclose CCP sponsorship in its latest print edition mới

TIME magazine does not disclose CCP sponsorship in its latest print edition mới

Journal “TIME”, America’s most iconic media channel, did not disclose that the content published in its latest print edition was sponsored by the Chinese Government. TIME magazine has received more than $700,000 in content sponsorships from China Daily in the past 6 months. More ominously, the fact that China used money to buy Western media channels has long been no longer a new thing.

“TIME”, the iconic American magazine (Image: Tony Fischer / CC BY 2.0)

According to a July 1 report by “The Washington Free Beacon”“, the June 21 and 28th issue of TIME magazine includes an insert from China Daily, a media channel controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This insert is an advertisement by Beijing’s China Daily, and “additional information has been filed with the Washington DC Department of Justice,” but there is no mention of the Chinese government sponsoring the China Daily.

China Daily is registered with the Ministry of Justice under “Law on Registration of Foreign Agents”, to monitor the influence of foreign governments.

Activist groups criticize media organizations that cooperate with China Daily. Because they are worried that this organization will propagate on behalf of the CCP in Western news channels. Several companies, including New York TIMEs and the Wall Street Journal, have terminated their content-sharing agreements with China Daily because China Daily is controlled by the Chinese government. China Daily has paid millions of dollars to publish content in print and online editions of Western magazines and newspapers.

TIMEs started collaborating with China Daily last year. According to foreign agency disclosure data filed by China Daily in May, the media has paid $700,000 to TIME magazine in the past six months. This is by far the highest fee paid by any US news agency. In addition to printed inserts, TIMEs magazine also publishes sponsored content from China Daily on its website. The TIMEs website does not recognize funding from the Chinese Government.

Much of China Daily’s content does not appear to be the CCP’s bold brainwashing propaganda, but paints the CCP in subtle ways. Furthermore, some paid content on China Daily has drawn criticism from activists for its explicit political agenda.

Example: Last December, TIME Magazine published an article in China Daily praising the application of drones produced by a company called Daigang (DJI) in the agricultural sector. This article appeared days after the Trump administration put DJI on a trade blacklist. Because of concerns that this company’s drones would pose a national security threat to the United States.

According to information revealed by foreign spies, China Daily also sponsored content for magazines “Financial TIMEs”, “Los Angeles TIMEs” and “Foreign Policy” (Foreign Policy) of Great Britain. Two Tibetan propaganda groups criticized the CCP’s series of articles promoting the CCP’s Tibet policy in China Daily, which were republished by Foreign Policy last month. “International Campaign for Tibet” call these articles “outrage” against the Tibetans who resist the CCP’s rule.

TIMEs did not respond to multiple requests for comment on its partnership with China Daily.

Thanh Dung, Vision TIMEs

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