Time limits requested Victims of pyrrhotite

Time limits requested Victims of pyrrhotite

The insurers of SNC Lavalin will ask the court of appeal next Monday to delay payment of their share of the $ 210 million owed to 857 households victims of pyrrhotite.

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Victims could still wait before cashing their first check. It is the turn of the insurers of SNC Lavalin to ask for delays so as not to pay their due by July 13, as requested by the last judgment of the court of appeal.

“Of course we won’t throw the towel away. We will continue to fight. Our objective is that the victims are paid within the prescribed time ”, indicated the lawyer of the victims, Pierre Soucy.

SNC-Lavalin was found guilty, twice rather than once, of 75% of the damage caused to the homes of the 857 plaintiffs in the first trial.

Their insurers want to wait to pay, a question of whether the Supreme Court will agree to hear SNC-Lavalin on the sharing of responsibilities.

Even in 2020, there are people who raise their house to repair the foundations, pyrrhotite is still present.

The way of the cross for the victims is therefore far from over. At least two more mega-trials are to be held, but only when the first is completed.

Bertrand Poirier is one of the victims of the 2nd trial.

He paid for his house over $ 300,000. It is now worth just $ 76,000.

“At some point, I will sell it, my house. It’s part of my retirement investment. There, I cannot sell it. Until it is repaired, I cannot sell it, ”he said.

He will wait for his due before lifting and repairing his house, because he does not want to touch his investments.


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