Time limit for police arrival at the scene changed by 8 minutes

Johor Chief Sheriff Datuk Mohamad Kamaluddin said police will reduce the arrival time to 8 minutes this year to reach the scene of the crime more quickly. He said that this is a new indicator for the police this year. Despite the difficulties, the police will try their best to meet the new standard operating procedures. “Due to traffic congestion and other issues, it is difficult for the police to arrive at the scene within 8 minutes after receiving the report. However, the police will try their best to achieve the target.” The press conference said that in the past, the time limit for the police to reach the scene of the crime scene was 15 minutes, which was later reduced to 14 minutes, compared with 8 minutes this year. He said that this is the public’s feedback, hoping that the police can be closer with the people. On the other hand, regarding an earlier case in which a school principal transmitted a pornographic newsletter to a male student, Kamaluddin said that the police had completed the investigation and submitted the investigation report to the Bukit Oman police headquarters to Awaiting further decision. He said that the police had completed the investigation, but because the person involved was a civil servant, the report had to be submitted to the Bukit Oman police headquarters before allowing the relevant departments to make further decisions. He noted that the investigation report would be submitted to police headquarters this week. Kamaluddin said that during the Chinese New Year, people must be cautious when setting off fireworks to avoid being extremely sad. “The Lunar New Year is a happy day. When fireworks are set off, people should not cause unnecessary fires or injuries due to carelessness. People must improve their safety.” Regarding the public release or sale of firecrackers, Kamaluddin said, a few days ago National Deputy Chief Sergeant Datuk Mazlan has held a press conference to announce combustible and non-flammable fireworks or firecrackers. The police will approve licenses for firing or selling based on this standard. He said, for example, for an 8-inch firecracker, the applicant must complete the application, including where and when, if approved, the firecracker can be purchased from the supplier. Regarding the return of Chinese New Year, whether the police still provide home security services, Kamaluddin said that the police will still provide relevant services, returning people can provide information to the police, including the address and date of return, and the police will follow up work. In addition, Kamaluddin announced the performance of the police in 2019 when giving a speech at the monthly assembly. Among them, the most outstanding performance in combating drug cases, arrested 1751 people involved in drug cases throughout the year, becoming the state with the highest number of arrests in the country. Genus. He said that in the fight against drug cases, the police confiscated up to 2,960 kilograms of various drugs, with a total value of RM134.93 million, while also confiscating up to RM10.47 million. Attending the monthly meeting were Rou Zhou Deputy Chief Sheriff Datuk Sha Fei Yi and Rou Zhou Criminal Investigation Director Yusoff.

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