Timber processing plant catches fire-united daily

(Sibu on the 22nd) The fire broke out at a wood processing factory in the second lane of Tunku Abdul Rahman Road at about 9 pm last night. The Sibu City Consumers’ Bureau immediately went to the fire after receiving the notice. Fortunately, none Casualties.
Sarawak Rescue and Fire Station Operations Centre (PGO) was reported at 8.58 last night, noting that a fire broke out at a timber processing plant on the second lane of Tunku Abdul Rahman Road. Go to the fire.
About 60% of the factory area was burned by the fire when the Sibu City Consumers ’Rescue Bureau arrived at the scene. With the help of the consumer ’s rescue team, it successfully extinguished the fire at 10:56 pm and closed the team.
The loss of the board processing plant is yet to be estimated.

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