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Tim Sweeney explains why Fortnite is not ready for Stadia

Tim Sweeney said, Fornite Not present on Stadia is the difficulty of updating multiple platforms, especially when the platform is still not popular.

Tim Sweeney (founder and CEO at Epic Games) reveals why Fortnite was not yet on Stadia when a Twitter user asked: Why Fortnite Not up Stadia?

According to him, the Unreal Engine software framework Fortnite Current use has fully supported game development on Stadia, but the main reason why the game is not present: the difficulties in releasing updates on multiple platforms, especially when the platform is “not yet” have many users ”.

But, that doesn’t mean the game won’t be available on this platform.

Tim Sweeney is especially strong from “not yet,” in the near future, the presence of Fortnite Stadia is workable, especially at a time when Google can bring more benefits to developers through this platform.



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