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Tilta Canon C70 Advanced Kit Review

Tilta recently announced a range of new camera cages and accessories for the Canon C70. The options range from a Lightweight Kit all the way up to an Advanced Kit.

One of the appeals of the Canon C70 is that it is a relatively small and compact digital cinema camera. However, if you do want to mount some basic accessories it is extremely hard because of the lack of mounting points.

In my opinion, the last thing you want to do is to make the C70 larger and heavier. This presents a challenge because if you want to add some accessories you don’t want to make the C70 twice the size to do so.

There are finally now quite a few options out there for the C70, and that makes it very tricky to make the right choice when you are looking for a way to mount accessories and customize the camera to make it work for your particular requirements.

The C70 has a lot of buttons and connectors on the side and wrapping it up inside a cage presents its own challenges. For this review, I am going to be looking at the Tiltaing Canon C70 Advanced Kit. So let’s see how the Tilta solution stacks up.

What do you get?

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Above you can see what you get with the Advanced Kit.

Build Quality

Matthew Allard ACS

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