Tiktok will allow posting videos up to 3 minutes long

Tiktok will allow posting videos up to 3 minutes long

(Techz.vn) In the near future, users will be able to post much longer videos on the social networking platform Tiktok.

Tiktok will soon allow users to post videos up to three minutes in length, triple the current one-minute limit. This add-on is intended to give “creators” more flexibility while filming and not need to post multiple sections when sharing their stories.

3-minute videos have been tested at least since last December, and it is likely that many people have easily come across them when scrolling through the videos of the top “creators” on TikTok, especially in the categories like cooking.

Allowing longer videos can increase audience retention on Tiktok. However, if going in this direction, Tiktok will follow the trend of Youtube. However, a longer video will reduce the virality of the video as it is currently leading to the loss of Tiktok’s unique character.

Currently Tiktok has not set an exact time to launch the new feature. All users can know is that it will arrive within the next few weeks.


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