TIKTOK is subject to privacy investigation about children in the UK

TIKTOK is subject to privacy investigation about children in the UK

Recently, China's famous video-sharing social network, Tiktok, is being investigated for children's data processing to evaluate in the United Kingdom.

This happened shortly after Tiktok had to pay a $ 5.7 million fine to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for illegally collecting personal information from children.

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<p>This investigation was established by a parliamentary committee and led by Elizabeth Denham, ICO's trustee.</p>
<p>On Tuesday, Denham said: "We are opening a full-scale investigation of TikTok, looking at less transparent tools for children, such as messaging systems, children's videos. collect and share online ".</p>
<p>The incident with the US FTC showed that the Tiktok application violated the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. Specifically, parents' consent was not received before collecting information for children under 13 years of age. Tiktok also did not remove this information after receiving complaints from parents and those who illegally collected children.</p>
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