TikTok Challenge: A boy strangled his neck to a coma

TikTok Challenge: A boy strangled his neck to a coma

A 12-year-old boy in the United States suffers from brain death from imitating the prevailing game “The coma challenge” (Blackout Challenge). The boy’s father angrily said: “This popular TikTok challenge game is not a game at all, but is to put the child in a very dangerous situation.” He urged all parents to pay attention and keep their children away from these challenging online games.

An American 12-year-old boy has been brain dead for mimicking the Challenge Game on TikTok (Source: Pixabay)

According to the Denver Post, on March 22, 12-year-old Joshua Haileyesus, who lives in Colorado, played a Blackout Challenge game on TikTok with his twin brother in the bathroom at home in Aurora. Following the challenge rule, Joshua wrapped his shoelaces around his neck, then held his breath and pulled the laces to tighten his neck, the purpose of this challenge was to test how long a player could hold his breath.

Unfortunately, Joshua may have been in a coma after holding his breath for so long, seeing this, the twin brother rushed to find his parents. Joshua’s parents found him unconscious on the shower floor and immediately took him to Colorado Children’s Hospital in Denver by ambulance. After many days of treatment, Joshua has yet to regain consciousness, currently diagnosed by a doctor as brain dead and has very little chance of recovery.

Joshua’s father is deeply distressed about this incident. He said that Joshua is a very smart and active kid who likes to experiment with new things, but this kind of game is really dangerous. He said: “I hope that others will see my painful experience, and keep the children away from this kind of dangerous game, while also preventing similar tragedies from happening again.”

Hirut Yitayew, a friend of Joshua’s father, said: “I can’t describe how my sadness is. No one would have imagined that a 12-year-old would die this way. So sad! A minor child! The kid died in an online challenge game. “

Joshua enjoys playing soccer, guitar, photography, screenwriting, costume design, and 3-D modeling software. Therefore, Joshua’s parents suggested for his child to download TikTok with the original intention of letting him have online dynamics and creative stimulation. Unexpectedly TikTok has these dangerous games, moreover this game doesThere are a large number of children who do not know much about the world participating.

Local police Aurora has also stepped into the investigation. Spokesman Matt Longshore said: “We are investigating and collecting evidence. We are praying and accompanying the unfortunate family that has lost a child ”.

“The coma challenge” is a popular challenge game on social network TikTok that requires participants to try to use any household item to strangle and put themselves in a coma. This challenging game is very dangerous, encouraging children to hold their breath until unconscious.

Joshua’s father says this is not playing games at all. It is like seducing children to hurt themselves and put them in dangerous situations. He urged other parents to pay more attention to the information their children receive on the Internet, to prevent them from imitating similar tricks. “The coma challenge” and cause irreversible injury or loss. “I have to pay the price for this now. I don’t want other parents to experience the same tragedy. ”

Thanh Warm, Vision Times

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