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TikTok and many other Chinese applications can be “banned” in Japan

Last month, the US issued a notice it would ban Chinese apps because of the risk of disclosing personal information. Recently, it was proposed that TikTok would be banned in Japan. There are also many other apps that may be banned in this country.

TikTok may be banned in Japan

This information was taken from NHK as cited by Hoan Cau Times. Accordingly, on July 28, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan proposed a policy to limit a number of applications developed by China. These apps present the risk of leaking user information. Additionally, some Chinese banking systems using artificial intelligence may have leaked information. New policies to prevent external threats.

TikTok and many other Chinese applications can be

According to Nikkei, TikTok application has become popular among young Japanese since 2018. Short videos shared on this platform meet the entertainment needs of young people in this country. Even the popularity of TikTok has prompted many Japanese music companies to start doing business with ByteDance. Ibex Group – a major Japanese entertainment company, has announced a partnership with ByteDance to add about 25,000 songs to TikTok.

The “no door” and the endless spread

According to the Huffington Post as of February 2019, the number of monthly active users on TikTok in Japan has increased rapidly to 9.5 million. This number is expected to continue to increase in the future. Currently the hashtag “Chinese restricted apps” has appeared trending on Twitter this country.

The US and India have also banned the use of Chinese apps because of security concerns. In addition, Australia is also watching TikTok and will take concrete action if the platform violates the regulations. TikTok is one of the most popular apps around the globe. If this app does not guarantee the information problem, that would be a great danger.

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