Tianjin Smart Things League Road Star Class Gathering丨When the capital is frenzied, how can enterprises catch the ride of the Smart Things at high speed

Tianjin Smart Things League Road Star Class Gathering丨When the capital is frenzied, how can enterprises catch the ride of the Smart Things at high speed

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Tianjin Smart Things League Road Star Class

In early 2021, one of the most obvious trends is that the capital market has become extremely active. Corporate financing news continues to emerge, IPO news spreads frequently, and many companies have met their valuation expectations. Although the epidemic has not completely subsided, for capital, the enthusiasm for investing in high-quality companies has obviously overwhelmed the impact of the epidemic, and it seems that the best time to start a business has come.

Helping entrepreneurs avoid predictable detours at the beginning is also the original intention of the track star class. In less than three years, the Ali Speedway Star Class has organized more than 160 corporate founders, and nearly 200 investment institutions have participated in it. The students of the track star class have also generated thousands of cooperation opportunities with more than 60 business lines of Ali, and the total corporate valuation of the students has exceeded 70 billion.

From January 20th to January 22nd, the Tianjin Smart Things League Dao Class assembled in Hangzhou. The track star class invited the organizer Tianjin Jinnan Urban Investment Investment Manager and investors from many top investment institutions to conduct a full range of resource docking for the students. In addition, there are Alibaba Cloud, 36Kr Vice President, Analyst, Technology Experts will answer questions for students on the general environment and trends of entrepreneurship.

Support every entrepreneurial dream

At the beginning of the event, Liu Rui, deputy general manager of Tianjin Jinnan Urban Investment, introduced the advantages of Jinnan District and the purpose and significance of this season’s track star class in his opening speech. At present, Jinnan District is constantly exploring the connection of project construction needs with enterprises, innovating industry support, and attracting a number of enterprises in the digital economy, smart economy and other industrial forms to develop. The Tianjin Smart Things League Road Star Class aims to combine the industrial advantages of Jinnan District and the ecological advantages of Alibaba, gather relevant enterprises, capital, scientific and technological talents and other elements, link the projects with strong resources, and provide enterprises with in-depth sharing and services , To accelerate the creation of an entrepreneurial atmosphere and the transformation of innovation achievements in Jinnan District, and finally realize the joint construction of an innovative ecosystem of smart IoT industries between enterprises and Jinnan District.

Opening speech by Liu Rui, deputy general manager of Tianjin Jinnan Urban Investment

Similarly, Alibaba does not hesitate to support entrepreneurs. Yu Jianping, general manager of Alibaba Cloud Accelerator, explained that Alibaba Cloud already has five products: Innovation Map, Innovation Time, Track Star, Eco Cosell, and Fund Alliance. There are five models to help enterprises and entrepreneurs grow rapidly through data, information and viewpoint sharing, alliances, business interoperability, and financial support. “Alibaba Cloud accelerator products are not just these, there are more. I hope that in the future we will write together and write each other. To help each other grow up.”

Opening speech by Yu Jianping, general manager of Alibaba Cloud Accelerator

Under the new economic wave, the next opportunity for smart IoT

In 2020, the number of IoT connections surpassed the number of non-IoT connections for the first time, which means that the development of the Internet of Things has entered a new stage, and for entrepreneurs, there are countless new opportunities to be born.

Lan Hao, vice president of 36氪, said, “Unlike the new economic wave set off by the mobile Internet, the Internet of Things is actually slow and gradual, and there is little chance of explosive growth like the mobile Internet. The Internet of Things is a big trend. , It is not a new industry that exists independently, but is deeply integrated with traditional industries in different fields to empower traditional industries, emerging formats, and new models. Its growth needs to match the digital transformation of various industries, and it needs enough Rich landing scenes to support.”

36氪 Vice President Lan Hao shared on-site

And with the outbreak of new infrastructure, the 5G empowered smart thing league road finally ushered in its own outbreak. Regarding how companies or cities move towards smart scenarios, Lu Xiaobing, Chief Investment Officer of Oriental Jiafu, expressed his views, “Smart IoT at the technical level mainly relies on the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). The Internet acquires perception and recognition capabilities, while the Internet of Things provides artificial intelligence with data for training algorithms. Simply put, it is through intelligent networking devices with perception or interaction capabilities to give them machine learning methods to achieve systematic solutions. From the collaborative link From a point of view, it mainly solves the problems of perception intelligence, analysis intelligence and control and execution intelligence. For investment institutions, the focus is on whether they can achieve closed-loop business, closed-loop value and closed-loop technology projects in these areas.”

Lu Xiaobing, Chief Investment Officer of Oriental Jiafu shared on-site

Ru Xiaoqin, Managing Director of One Village Capital, divides the IoT industry chain into four levels, namely the application layer, the platform layer, the perception layer and the transmission layer. From the amount of financing, capital pays the most attention to different industries. Reflected in the application layer and platform layer, including enterprise services, industrial Internet and medical fields, and then components in the sensing layer, she said, “It is normal for the application layer to compete fiercely because it involves a wide range of fields and the participating institutions There are many. Smart cities and industrial Internet of Things account for half of the country, including things like health, smart homes, and car associations, which also have relatively good market values.”

Sharing by Ru Xiaoqin, Managing Director of One Village Capital

Changes and new opportunities in the IoT industry

36氪 Internet of Things industry analyst Zhu Bin hosted a roundtable discussion with the theme of “Changes and New Opportunities in the Internet of Things Industry.” Hu Yue, Managing Director of You Heli Investment, Chen Siyu, Executive Director of Haisong Capital, and Lingnan Investment participated in this meeting Partner Yu Kebai.

Roundtable discussion

Several guests conducted in-depth discussions on the investment opportunities of the Internet of Things segmentation track, the impact on the consumer or application side, and the layout of smart cities and smart communities.

Hu Yue said that the epidemic has accelerated the process of the Internet of Things, and everyone has begun to develop non-contact habits. So from the perspective of the future, for all founding companies or technology companies, if they are in the end or the application, they still pay attention to the industry itself and the landing scene. For the expectation of Smart IoT, “Maybe it is an inspiration. This change may not be the same in all walks of life, but its extension, or changes brought about by technology, or content, or upstream, or It is the integration of downstream or extended points. If we put it into our own company, it may have a different impact or effect.”

Chen Siyu believes that more than 85% of the industrial value of the Internet of Things comes from data and applications. Among them, 60% of the investment opportunities in the Internet of Things are more in the application layer, followed by the platform layer. Of course, there are other perception layers and network layers. The Internet of Things is a big track, and as 5G technology (high speed and low latency) accelerates the innovation and iteration of the Internet of Things, it has now reached the early stage of accumulating, and now the layout is also a good window of investment.

She expressed the hope to find entrepreneurs who truly have the bottom-level technological innovation. “Even if its algorithm and the lowest-level technology are not the best, it will certainly have a strong feature of enabling the upgrading of traditional industries, and at the same time, entrepreneurs must grasp the real The core needs and pain points of the industry, not just pseudo-needs.” Regarding the future development of Smart IoT, she said, “I hope it can truly achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and drive the upgrade of trillion-level traditional industries, such as smart logistics, Industry opportunities such as Internet of Vehicles, intelligent transportation, and smart medical care.”

Yu Kebai predicted, “Maybe the layout of smart cities in the past ten years has been in hardware. The next ten years will be the application of data accumulated in the hardware layout of the past ten years, but there are many thresholds for this data application to pass. Including such things as data islands and data desensitization.” It is still in a relatively vigorous development period. After a period of time, it will gradually show such a protagonist. This also gives us entrepreneurs or investment institutions massive opportunities to see and screen. To help, to incubate, to accompany the growth of such an enterprise.

Big coffee lectures, wonderful

How will the market structure and investor institutions change in the post-epidemic era? On the morning of January 22, Qing Geer, the founding partner of Kaiyuan Capital, expressed his views through lectures and answered questions on the scene. From the perspective and professionalism of an FA+ investor dual role background, I shared how the company can further enhance the professionalism of financing preparation in the post-epidemic era, how to more accurately locate and evaluate the differentiated advantages of the company, and how to differentiate between the needs and background of GP Find mutually recognized investment institutions in the market more efficiently, and systematically manage and prevent financing risks. “All entrepreneurs must be optimists by nature” He defines the characteristics that entrepreneurs should possess.

Qing Geer, the founding partner of Kaiyuan Capital, shared on-site

In the afternoon, Lawyer Zhou Lixia, the chief partner of Jiguang Law Firm, discussed a series of issues such as the company’s internal organizational structure and employee incentives to help everyone present to move towards a great company. She also explained in detail how companies of different types, different periods and different status quo should formulate their own incentive plans through specific subdivision scenarios, which can ensure the healthy development of the company and maximize the benefits.

Attorney Zhou Lixia, Chief Partner of Jiguang Law Firm

On the last day of the event, Alibaba’s first-generation political commissar and partner of Yuanguo Xiaomei, Chen Hangying, shared the four steps to build an organizational system from the perspectives of organization construction, performance management, and cultural system, and opened up CEOs’ understanding of the organization And systematic concepts.

Later, we had a full discussion with the trainees on the company’s strategy. Through some successful corporate organizational structure cases, I analyzed a series of issues such as how to formulate the structure one by one.

Sharing by Chen Hangying, Alibaba’s first political commissar and partner of Guo Xiaomei

So far, the three-day Tianjin Wisdom League Road Star Class has officially come to an end. The entrepreneurs at the scene not only received a lot of dry goods, but also met partners on the road to entrepreneurship through classrooms and games. This is also for the future development of the company. Greatly helpful.

The first assembly of the Taoist Star Class of Tianjin Smart Things League

The star class brought together 20 startup companies in total, and their companies involved smart travel, communications, retail, education, new finance, corporate services, logistics and other industries.

List of student companies


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