Tianjin Shimao opens the curtain of the sea life era
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Tianjin Shimao opens the curtain of the sea life era

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The story of North China Shimao and Tianjin is always related to “eco-city”.

Ten years ago, Shimao first entered Tianjin and chose an eco-city located in the Binhai New Area. Ten years later, Shimao, an eco-city, rebuilt the pro-sea lifestyle from Yunwan. In ten years and 15 games, North China Shimao has injected more imagination into Tianjin’s urban development.

On September 16, 2020, “The world is imaginative—Tianjin Shimao Ten-Year Brand and Shimao Qiyunwan Haiju Life Conference” was held in Tianjin.

Ten years of studying in the city, knowing Tianjin better

At the scene, Mr. Liu Peng, the head of the design management department of Shimao Group North China, Mr. Song Zhaofang, the chief architect of Beijing Nissin, Mr. Chen Zhiyi, visiting professor of the School of Architecture of Tianjin University, and Mr. Liu Yao, general manager of the Beijing-Tianjin area of ​​Shimao Group North China Company A forum was launched on the “Opening Ways of All-Age Life in Haiju”.

“Design always revolves around the relationship between people’s life needs and the environment. What the design ultimately presents is the integration of ideal human settlements and the environment to provide the residence withPeople with a better life experience. For the coastal city of Tianjin, what Kiyunwan wants to build is the sea-dwelling life that most people yearn for.” Liu Pengsheng said.

Mr. Chen Zhiyi introduced, “From the outer bay of Yunwan to view the sea, the inner bay is surrounded by the sea on three sides, creating a thousand-sided sea dwelling life for residents. At the same time, the cloud gate waterscape, terrace garden, egg-shaped theater, leisure corridor, and elderly fitness , Lvgu slides, beaches around the bay, inner bay ring road, wooden plank road, Lvgu long dike and other multi-scene leisure spaces, bicycle lanes between the forest and the sea, the flowers and trees on both sides are staggered, forming a natural oxygen bar, etc., can satisfy the whole The life needs of people of different ages”.

Wave Art Museum

Liu Yao said, “For Tianjin, we want to build an ideal community lifestyle on top of the life in Haiju.”

It is reported that Shimao Qiyun Bay is located in the world’s first eco-city jointly developed and constructed between countries-Sino-Singapore Eco-City, with a total area of ​​about 2.27 million square meters, and will be built into an ideal coastal living aggregation area. The project builds a vibrant coast in the inner bay, and relies on the bay to outline the ecological green axis, and plans to build high-rise, super high-rise, bungalows, courtyards, courtyards and other full-scale products in a group enclosure.

Since entering the Chinese real estate market in 1989, Shimao Group has continued to integrate with urban development in delineating the city skyline, building a diversified urban business ecosystem, and building a complete life service provider. Today, Shimao Group has been involved in many industrial fields such as real estate, commerce, property management, hotels, theme entertainment, culture, finance, education, health, and high-tech.


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