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[Thủ thuật] Find and install drivers for bootcamp windows 10 without Boot Camp Assistant

Hi guys, today I would like to guide you to find and install drivers for bootcamp windows 10 quickly without going through Boot Camp Assistant
If you have a partition that uses Boot Camp Assistant, it will fail

Because I have partitioned, I will guide you how to install it without Boot Camp Assistant
This is the image I have installed the full driver

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First, if your device does not have wifi driver, you must buy a big usb adapter to plug in the network cable, or use dcom … do you connect to wifi then skip this step
Then download this file

timsutton / brigadier

Boot Camp Fetch and install ESDs with ease. Contribute to timsutton / brigadier development by creating an account on GitHub.


Direct link

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Then run the file brigadier.exe

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Here you copy the link like I circled red to download the file BootCampESD.pkg Come on
Link yourself as follows:

Then download 7-zip and install it
Download link: https://www.7-zip.org/



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As the picture shows, you are downloading this file, the rest is to extract this file as follows

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Continue to unzip the file Payload ~

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Unzip the file Payload ~ You will get the file WindowsSupport.dmg and you continue to unzip this file

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After that, you will install all the drivers in it
Payload ~~ Library Application Support Boot Camp ok

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After installing all the drivers, you restart the computer is finished offline

Good luck!


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