Through Tet, let’s buy a cool motorcycle toy

Vehicle tuning is a topic that never ceases to be hot, there are many different types of degrees, even if the year before the hundred million, the following year is outdated. After Tet is the time to discount many toy cars, if you take advantage of the player, it is easy to hunt but still fashionable.


From engine to design, steering power is always a highlight for the front of the car, not only beautiful, but it also makes the car look more “bear”, like real motorcycles. In addition to the decoration, the assistance is very good in accidentally sewing the wheel, or passing through the squirrel road to keep the steering wheel steady, helping the driver to be more confident.

In the past, the retirement of a power plant, players had to spend at least nearly ten million dong to buy ordinary types, not to mention the customary regime so it was difficult to perfect. But nowadays, in order to catch up with the trend, to increase competitiveness, the plug and play models have gradually become more accessible, the price is also cheaper, and the attachment is easier thanks to the CNC method. more beautiful.


Currently, a number of popular brands in Vietnam such as YSS, RacingBoy, … to high-end like Ohlins, Matris, HyperPro, are available to buy easily or more economically. second hand from 5 to several tens of millions VND depending on brand, new or old.

Tool increases the amplitude of the win hand

It sounds confusing, but in fact, this is a new toy that appeared not long ago but has received a lot of attention from the car industry. As before, when you want to adjust the brake, the player must stop the car, then with this toy, you can directly perform it on the scooter quickly even while driving.


Because it just appeared, there are only European brands such as TWM, Accossato, Bonamici, … with the price of only about 2 million VND for this convenient and aesthetic item.

Brembo 4pis brake casting

For a long time, Brembo is still an expensive brand, but it has a great attraction to those who play cars because not only does it have high performance but also has great aesthetics, but the price is not a small problem for players.


However, in order to diversify and increase market share, Brembo 4pis brakes have a more comfortable price from 3.5 million VND, a dream figure of many enthusiasts, because other brands have a price of about 2 million. Copper or more like Frando and Anchor.

But if compared to the actual performance, the cast Brembo 4pis is somewhat lost because the brand Frando and Anchor are billet aluminum, lighter, sharper, better performance, but compared to the value, Brembo is still more popular .

Large size brake disc

Comes with a good brake, the brake disc must be similar, but the price of the brake disc with such a design is not cheap, not to mention the costs such as CNC, the heart disc makes players headache when upgrading to the brake cluster. The market is so competitive and fertile, so King Drag has released a brake disc with a design similar to the Brembo Oversize but with a zin design that can easily be attached to most vehicles without having to mode.


However, the purchasing power is so great that this series of brake discs increased rapidly from 1.5 million now to about 2.6 million, but not sure in stock.

The fork is slightly yellow

Ohlins forks are almost the beginning of the trend of steam forks, gold springs are almost standard for car players when it comes to suspension systems. However, the high price makes many people not dare to play. Catching that rhythm, many brands began to produce products with similar designs. The most prominent is the black and gold spring-loaded forks that make the car more prominent, more aesthetically pleasing and efficient than the original.


Of course, the price will vary from 900 to several million, even tens of million VND, but most of the oil tank forks with affordable prices still receive much higher rating than the original car. Some brands such as RCB, YSS, … have updated the fork lines following this trend and already have genuine distributors in the Vietnamese market.

Braces braces

The trend of wearing braces has never expired, it gives a more elegant feeling. But a few years ago, the trend of unrelenting tires took the throne, making this style of play gradually forgotten because of the convenience of this tire, but only applicable to wheels.


In the past, to use non-intestinal tires, it was necessary to have an inconvenient gut, or to use specialized spokes which were quite expensive, but now there are cheaper and more beautiful types, promising 2021 will be a return. of this legendary style.

Zin brand name car

“The peak of the car is about zin” is gradually returning, but in a newer style, instead of removing the original paint, the player will buy the first-generation cars such as dylan, Wave, Dream, and Exciter. It does not matter whether the machine requires enough sheets, then re-arrange the shirt by buying new or painting stamps according to your preference, then apply dozens of branded toys such as titanium screws, Brembo pigs, CNC brakes, tray genuine shells, original machines renewed or lightened the streets, but still retain the original look of the car.


It sounds simple enough, but it’s definitely not cheap to complete a car, sometimes even more expensive than the cost of buying a new car.


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