Three years of sibling love ended due to lack of money, but her boyfriend was not torn up by debt collection, and ended peacefully, but it was scarred.

Three years of sibling love ended due to lack of money, but her boyfriend was not torn up by debt collection, and ended peacefully, but it was scarred.

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In the entertainment industry, female stars earn a lot of money, and the thing they desire most after reaching the peak of life is true love, but for women, daughters and true love are often not both. No, before Zhang Yuqi and ex-husband Yuan Bayuan lost their righteousness due to money, Lao Yan separated from each other, and then Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng tore their faces because of profit.

Now there is another queen who has just lost love. The difference is that this queen uses her textbook approach to minimize the loss of fame and fortune after the breakup. In the past February, Li Bingbing, who used to be Huayi’s first sister, celebrated his 48th birthday.

Although we often say that women should not stick to their age, most of the female celebrities who are over forty are subject to fertility restrictions to find a reliable partner in a panic. Step into the marriage hall in a hurry and open up the mode of childbirth.

But Li Bingbing was different. She was still alone and unrestrained at her 48th birthday party. There is neither a husband nor a boyfriend, nor a mysterious opposite sex. There is only Zhao Liying who is a good sister.

Seeing this, everyone must think that the combination of Li Bingbing and Zhao Liying is quite strange: “Li Bingbing has always had countless friends around him. Ren Quan was the one who knew him at the micro-time, and Huang Xiaoming was also involved in the drama. Why is it that only Zhao Liying is with her for her birthday now?”

The reason is still the phrase “All Xixi in the world is profitable” because Li Bingbing and Zhao Liying have become partners. That’s right, I don’t know that Li Bingbing has already jumped out of Huayi and came from Ligate, and opened a brokerage company called Hesong Media with his sister Li Xue. And in one fell swoop signed Wang Junkai, one of the members of the TFboy group that was popular in the past few years.

From the move of signing Wang Junkai, we can see that Li Bingbing’s wishful thinking for personal development is playing loudly, that is, gradually retreating behind the scenes to become a big boss manager. As for the hard work of filming and making money, I leave it to the newcomers.

It is a pity that Li Bingbing’s resources could not keep up with the plan, because after she did not have the great backer of Huayi, the network on hand gradually shrank, so after signing Wang Junkai, she fell into a dilemma that a clever woman could not cook without rice. Only for Wang Junkai received two film and television works at the box office, “Tiankeng Eagle Hunting” and “Worry-free Grocery Store”.

In addition to making little achievements in film and television works, Wang Junkai has repeatedly fallen into trouble. After a while, he offended Zhejiang Satellite TV because of the variety show “High Energy Youth League 2”, and then was scammed by scammers to defraud fans.

Although some rights and wrongs have nothing to do with Li Bingbing’s company and luck, Wang Junkai’s reputation is getting sluggish, and even a few blocks away by Yi Yang Qianxi, who debuted at the same time, is enough to affect the image and reputation of Li Bingbing’s company. Therefore, at this moment, Li Bingbing urgently needs a golden lacquer sign to join him to inject a booster for the company, and this golden lacquer sign is Zhao Liying.

Then come from another angle, what does Zhao Liying like about Li Bingbing? The answer is the movie sector and international resources, because Zhao Liying was an invincible viewer panacea in the mainland entertainment circle before getting married. After getting married and having children now, of course, you have to take your career to the next level.

Therefore, she also took a fancy to Li Bingbing’s Hollywood resources, after all, she is one of the few domestic queens who have been the heroines of Hollywood blockbusters. So after the two people cooperated this time, it is not difficult for us to imagine that Zhao Liying’s future acting road may reproduce Li Bingbing’s model.

Seeing this story, many people may feel that Li Bingbing and Zhao Liying’s cooperation is ostensibly mutually beneficial and a strong alliance, but in essence, Li Bingbing’s “retirement” seems a little bit initiating, and there seems to be a plan to train Zhao Liying to take over. Coupled with Li Bingbing’s deliberately low-key in recent years, the feeling of dispiriting has become more and more on the paper.

So why did this actress who once dominated the movie world suddenly show a low-key that doesn’t conform to her personality? The reason is still the phrase “tired by men.” Yes, just recently, when Li Bingbing was asked in an interview with the media, “If I want to move to another planet, will I bring a lover?” Li Bing smiled bitterly, “I don’t have a lover anymore, haha, we have chosen to separate.” “

Hearing what Li Bingbing said, I believe many people would not be overwhelmed for a while: “Li Bingbing said she was separated? Who is her boyfriend?” When it comes to Li Bingbing’s relationship, it can be said that this relationship is mysterious and low-key. There was silence.

That’s right, as long as you open the notebook of the mainland entertainment industry, you will find that in January 2017, Li Bingbing was photographed on the private beach of Sanya Hotel with a tender man.

It is precisely because of being secretly photographed to break his love affair that Li Bingbing stood up and publicly admitted that his boyfriend’s name was Xu Wennan, who was 16 years younger than himself and was engaged in the investment industry. It was introduced by a good friend Ren Quan, and he added sweetly “Everything is the best arrangement.”

Although the introduction of Li Bingbing’s boyfriend is only a few lines, the amount of information contained in these few lines is enough to make people think about it.

Yes, everyone knows that although Ren Quan was once a celebrity, he later moved to the investment business field and made a lot of money, which became a popular story. Therefore, the boyfriend introduced by Ren Quan is also a very capable young investment banker.

And Li Bingbing, who has seen Ren Quan’s way of making money for many years, naturally trusts the little boyfriend he introduced 100 points. Even the idea of ​​giving her boyfriend the money she has saved for many years came up. Seeing this, I have to admit that Li Bingbing’s ideas do represent most of the female stars, because the career of being a star is very profitable. After a person has money, he naturally thinks about how to manage money and invest, and these huge assets are not managed by unfamiliar financial planners. It’s better to hand it over to the closest husband or boyfriend to manage it directly. If this husband or boyfriend happens to be an investor, then it is most suitable.

It is precisely because of this mentality that Zhang Yuqi found businessman Yuan Bayuan, and Zheng Shuang also found IT talent Zhang Heng. However, interest will trigger greed, and greed will lead to catastrophe. Just like Zheng Shuang’s boyfriend Zhang Heng, we have also said before that if he didn’t meet Zheng Shuang, he could still work hard, and he might really grow into a promising young man, but when he meets Zheng Shuang After having tasted the sweetness of using fame to make huge profits, Zhang Heng was triggered by the gambler mentality.

While making money with Zheng Shuang’s celebrity signs, he invests money endlessly in order to make money. In the end, it was the Dongchuang incident that hit the rocks and caused trouble and ended in bankruptcy. Therefore, the investment industry is often a paradise for a second and hell for a second. The previous moment may be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, when the bubble collapses, the next moment will be hundreds of millions of debts.

And the story goes back to Li Bingbing, and I don’t know what happened between her and her little boyfriend. Anyway, since January last year, some media found that Li Bingbing had a diamond ring on her ring finger, which seemed to imply that she was married, but Li Bingbing, who was cautious at the time, jumped out to deny the suspicion of marriage.

And shortly after she denied it, there was widespread rumors that Xu Wennan had failed to invest and owed tens of millions of debts, and threatened Li Bingbing with private photos to repay the debt.

The story happened here, just as the people from all walks of life began to gather quickly, preparing to watch another female celebrity and boyfriend outside the circle because of the loss of money, the blood of the dog and the dragon and the phoenix were torn, but Li Bingbing stood up with a thunderous attitude to fight back. . Surprisingly, the target of her counterattack was not her boyfriend, but the media who broke the news.

Yes, Li Bingbing has repeatedly denied Xu Wennan’s investment failure and debt of tens of millions of fake news, and sued the media that spread the rumors. Li Bingbing’s actions immediately stunned the good news media who feared that the world would not be chaotic. There were also melon-eating people waiting to watch the good show. Everyone immediately shut their mouths.

Seeing Li Bingbing’s handling of the breakup, I couldn’t help but admire that she was several horse positions higher than Zheng Shuang, Zhang Yuqi and even Zhang Liangying in terms of EQ and rank. Yes, whether it is a celebrity or an ordinary person, it is not uncommon to lose justice due to wealth in love.

The only difference is that some people, such as Zheng Shuang, value benefits more than anything else, and I will fight you to the end if you owe me a point. Another example is Zhang Yuqi, who puts emotions above everything else, if someone is unreasonable and unforgiving, he will take a knife and cut people. The result of this will only show the ugliness, attracting the onlookers and pointers of good people, and it will not solve it. There is no benefit to the problem.

On the other hand, Li Bingbing, regardless of whether the news about her boyfriend’s debts is true or false, anyway, as a woman after a failed love relationship, she will definitely get a lot of injuries. But she decided to swallow all the bitter fruit herself and show her smiling face and decent face in front of others. This not only blocked Yoyo’s mouth, but also lost a good reputation, and left a way out.

Therefore, from Li Bingbing’s practice, we also have the same perception in our daily life. They all say that whoever has a stove has no fireworks, and whoever lives without contradictions. When a family or a relationship encounters a conflict, the best way to resolve the conflict is not to go out and talk to the neighbors, three aunts and six poems, who are indifferent and harsh. This will only increase conversations and jokes for the good people, and will not play a fundamental role in reconciling conflicts.

Therefore, the way to really solve the problem is to negotiate with the door behind closed doors. If you can’t make it, you should be divided. If you have to resort to the law, you should resort to the law. In any case, we have only one principle in dealing with differences between couples and mother-in-law disputes in the relationship, which is to keep ourselves decent to the outside and keep ourselves in mind. justice.


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