Image 1: Google Pixel 4a: three mid-range smartphones, including a 5G?

three mid-range smartphones, including a 5G?

A study of the latest versions of Android and Google applications reveals the presence of three developing smartphones. One seems to be the Pixel 4a with a Snapdragon 730. The other two have a Snapdragon 765, the first Qualcomm SoC to support 5G.

Last October, Google presented its Pixel 4 and 4 XL smartphones, and recently leaks revealed the appearance of the Pixel 4a intended to occupy the mid-range mobile market in mid 2020. Google may surprise us by further expanding its range with two other models.

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Rather than using incomprehensible alphanumeric strings, Google is used to using an original naming convention to designate its products. With the exception of Android 10, the various versions of its operating system are called dessert or candy names (Pie, Oreo, Nougat, etc.). The firm does exactly the same with the Pixel smartphones by designating them by fish names. In a tweet, @ akes29 reveals the existence of 3 new fish: “sunfish “,” redfin “And” bramble (The sunfish, the perch and the curly shark).

The Google Pixel 4a will be available in 4G and 5G versions

By studying the code of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), XDA-Developers confirms the existence of 3 unknown models in several Google applications. We can assume that the firm will market several Pixels for the mid-range market, but it is still difficult to say with certainty whether there will be two or three. The Soc associated with these models nevertheless give us some clues.

“Sunfish” will be equipped with SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 730for smartphones 4G mid-rangeas on the Samsung galaxy a71to come up. Everything indicates that the mobile will not remain at the prototype stage and that it is the Pixel 4a. The platform benefits from a development branch on Android 10, as well as on Android 11. “Sunfish” also appears several times alongside Pixels already on the market.

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Regarding “redfin” and “bramble”, they both benefit from a slightly more efficient Soc with the Snapdragon 765, but it’s mainly the first Qualcomm to integrate 5G . According to XDA-Developers’ analysis, only “redfin” would be white label developed by FIH Mobile, aFoxconn subsidiary. Pending confirmation, we imagine that thePixel 4awill also be available inXL version compatible with 5G.

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Source: XDA Developers

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