“Three Kingdoms•Strategic Edition” won the top 5 best-selling. Is the Three Kingdoms SLG going to “second rise” in the Korean market?

In the long history, the Three Kingdoms era, when wars were frequent and heroes appeared in large numbers, has always been widely praised by people. Among the many cultural works, the “Three Kingdoms” has always been one of the themes that cannot be avoided, and the game industry is naturally no exception. The outstanding influence of the culture of the Three Kingdoms in the Asia-Pacific region and even the world has also made works with the theme of the Three Kingdoms become the “sweet and pastry” of domestic games going overseas.

After entering 2021, another SLG with the theme of “Three Kingdoms” has successfully broken through overseas markets. After gaining success in the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets, the Hanbok version of “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” has also been officially launched during Q1 this year, and it has successfully entered the top 5 best-selling list within the first month of launch.

Moreover, according to the Sensor Tower store intelligence data, the global estimated total revenue of “Three Kingdoms? Strategy Edition” has exceeded the $1 billion mark, setting a new milestone again. Behind such dazzling revenue figures, in addition to the sustained and stable performance of the basic domestic market, the development of overseas markets is of course indispensable.

2021 Q1 quarter revenue

It is worth noting that before the entry of “Three Kingdoms? Strategic Edition”, a group of overseas manufacturers have already taken the lead and rooted the category of the Three Kingdoms SLG in South Korea. As more and more big factories begin to join the battlefield, this war between Wei, Shu and Wu has ignited a prairie fire in the Korean market.

1. Three Kingdoms SLG has another success, “Three Kingdoms·Strategic Edition” tops the best-selling TOP5

Compared with the Hong Kong and Macau version that was launched in January this year, “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” has been slower to enter the Korean market. It wasn’t until mid-February that the official release of the game’s launch date on social networking sites for the first time announced that the Hanbok version would be open soon.

But as the saying goes: Good food is not afraid of late. After its official launch on February 24, “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” dropped to No. 7 on the Korean Google Play free list on the first day, and successfully rushed into late March. The top 5 best-selling list is expected to surpass Hong Kong and Taiwan and become the regional market with the second largest share of game revenue.

Behind the successful market feedback, Ejoy, the publisher of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” in South Korea, has also worked hard in the publishing style.

Some time ago, the “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” has combined with the original crew of the movie “Red Cliff” to create a promotional short film “Sichuan Liu”. Coincidentally, “Red Cliff”, released in 2008, is also very popular in South Korea. Therefore, Jianyue also put “Stream” and its director Wu Yusen as the focus of publicity in the Korean market.

Regarding the choice of local spokespersons, Jian Yue invited three actors, Cheng Dong Yi, Kim Sung Kyun, and Cui Wu Sung, who had co-starred in “Please Answer 1988”, to shoot promotional videos for the game.

Targeted play propaganda, coupled with the excellent quality of the game itself, “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” became popular in South Korea. However, in addition to the effects of these factors, the recent re-popularity of the Three-Country SLG in South Korea has also become the most timely “east wind” boosting its efforts.

2. The Korean market doesn’t like SLG?Chinese manufacturers opened the door with the “Three Kingdoms”

In fact, before the “Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition”, many mobile games with the theme of the Three Kingdoms have embarked on a journey to South Korea. Take “Youzu’s Three Kingdoms” as an example. As early as 2016, this work had already achieved the top 10 best-selling results in the Korean market and made its name.

But the SLG of the Three Kingdoms really ushered in the first concentrated outbreak in South Korea, which has to be traced back to 2018.

At that time, it coincided with the domestic “version number winter”, and the tide of going out to sea began to form. A group of SLGs of the Three Kingdoms with “successful like” geopolitics or siege strategy as their core gameplay have also entered the Korean market. In South Korea, where MMORPG is the mainstream market and SLG’s self-research capabilities are relatively weak, these products quickly occupy the gaps in the market segment, creating a whirlwind of “Three Kingdoms SLG”.

The most outstanding one among them is the “Three Kingdoms Heroes-Bawang Zhiye (Three Kingdoms M)” developed by Xinghui Tiantuo and released by Yihuan Network in South Korea. Not only did the revenue reached 8.1 million yuan within two weeks of its launch, it secured the top-selling strategy game throne with an average daily income of 850,000, and it remained on the top 10 best-selling list for several months, successfully achieving great success.

Chart: IGAWorks

In addition, “New Three Kingdoms Mobile Edition” issued by Ali Games and “Clash of the Kings of Han Dynasty” issued by YJM Games also achieved quite good results at the time. For a time, three domestically produced SLGs of the Three Kingdoms appeared at the top of the South Korean Googleplay best-seller list, staged an alternative “tripod”.

Just as the three-country SLG went to sea for the first time in South Korea, the development of the SLG market in the South Korean market was not smooth. Both NEXON’s popular terminal game “Maple Story” IP adaptation of “Maple Blitzs X” or “Iron Throne” which Netmarble has placed high hopes on have not achieved the expected results.

Chart: IGAWorks

The outbreak of the domestically produced three-nation SLG in South Korea has broken through this “no way” predicament and overwhelmingly overwhelmed the new domestic SLG products in terms of income. Such two kinds of performance naturally made South Korean competitors notice the potential of the three-nation SLG in the market and began to devote themselves to this category.

Third, the sea-going heroes continue to segregate, and local manufacturers have sprung up

Among these new Korean manufacturers, Chaplin Game is undoubtedly one of the best. Different from manufacturers such as withHUG and Gamepub that have tasted nothing, Chaplin Game chose to continue to cultivate this track and use the Three Kingdoms SLG as the main force of its own revenue.

If you carefully analyze the SLGs of the Three Kingdoms theme launched by Chaplin Game, you can see that this Korean manufacturer has taken a different approach and put the product’s selling point on the “national war”.

Take Chaplin Game’s “Three Kingdoms” as an example. The official translation of this work in Hong Kong and Taiwan is “Taiwan, Hong Kong VS Global”, which divides the players from Hong Kong and Taiwan into the Kingdom of Wu, while the Indonesian players play the Wei Kingdom camp. Shu is based on South Korean players. The “Three Kingdoms” confrontation is magnified between real countries, and the sense of national honor is used as the driving force to maintain player stickiness.

The emergence of local forces has brought new vitality to the three-country SLG market in South Korea. Since the beginning of this year, a number of products have been listed in the top ten of South Korea’s GooglePlay free list, forming a wave of “little climax.”

Among these works, the games published by Chaplin Game occupy two seats. In early February, the Hanbok version of “Three Kingdoms of Iron and Blood” “????:????” (Chinese translation: “Three Kingdoms of Iron and Blood: World War”) rushed to the third place on the Korean Googleplay free list, and another The work “???K:????? ??” (Temporary translation: “Three Kingdoms K: Global Service”) successfully reached the top of the free list in mid-February and gained momentum.

The “Representatives of South Korea” have begun to rise, and domestic manufacturers are also unwilling to lag behind. “Three Kingdoms Global” released by 4399 was launched on February 18th, and it ranked 8th on the Korean Googleplay free list. The veteran product “Three Kingdoms M” issued by Yi Huan also returned strongly after the version update in mid-February, and rushed to the fourth position in the free list in one fell swoop.

Coupled with the strong entry of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”, the competition of the Three Kingdoms SLG in the Korean market has officially entered a new stage of fierce heat.

4. Or will the “Three Kingdoms SLG” usher in a second rise in overseas markets?

From the perspective of environmental factors, the three-nation culture has been spreading in Korea for a long time. As early as the end of the Ming Dynasty, “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” had been circulated on the Korean Peninsula. South Korea still has the saying “Don’t talk to people who have not read the Three Kingdoms”. basis.

Three Kingdoms Murals on the Streets of South Korea

From the current situation of the game market, after entering 2021, a number of SLG products from the Three Kingdoms have entered the forefront of the list, which undoubtedly sends a positive signal. After experiencing a wave of “Three Kingdoms fever” brought about by the initial wave of domestic games going out to sea, the category of Three Kingdoms SLG has gradually gained a stable group of players in the Korean market, opening up a good market space for subsequent products.

The entry of local manufacturers such as Chaplin Game also proves that the vertical market of “Three Kingdoms SLG” has also been paid more and more attention by Korean manufacturers and has begun to increase investment in it. The resulting group effect will also attract more attention. Many manufacturers have joined the competition in the Three Kingdoms SLG market, and while more excellent products have emerged, it has also allowed the entire “Three Kingdoms SLG” market to expand further.

In addition, the product wave formed by the “one-man-one” competition of the three-country SLGs by major manufacturers such as Tencent and Netease last year will also form a continuous attack on overseas markets such as South Korea and Japan in the future, providing the domestically-made three-country SLGs. Further development of overseas markets provided sufficient ammunition reserves. Among them, Tencent’s “Under the Great Picture” has ended multiple rounds of testing overseas, and launched a Japanese version called “Epic War: Thrones” on March 31. It is believed that it will only be time to land in the Korean market in the future. problem.

As these large companies with strong capital and technical capabilities join the battlefield, it is bound to bring the three-nation SLG competition in the Korean market to a new level. Perhaps in the near future, last year’s trio of SLGs in the domestic market will reappear in South Korea.

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