Three Kingdoms is announced

Eight Princes, the upcoming DLC ​​of Total War: Three Kingdoms is announced

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Creative Assembly has just announced its next DLC package Total War: Three Kingdoms has a name Eight Princes, set in the back of Tam Quoc … 100 years.

Eight Princes will mention the period of "Bat Vuong rebellion" from 291 to 306. This DLC will "unveil" the eight Sima lineage monks "to fight for the title" to claim the throne of Tay Tan.

The player will play one of the eight princes of the Sima Dynasty. Each of these has a similarity with the 5 main characters in Total War: Three Kingdoms, both have specific mechanisms and gameplay.

The king will be conferred another title with the system of winding in Total War: Three Kingdoms, from the king of the small kingdom to the Emperor. In this expansion, players can follow different paths around Tai, Than, Luc and Tri with different benefits, along with many events and challenges that characterize the path. players choose.

Another noticeable change is that instead of needing response from the people like the original version, the monks now need the support of the nobility. Ladder "public order" is now replaced by "noble vote".

"Nobles who have basic needs and desires are very different from the average class, and securing the support of the authorities will have marked differences with the original version," explains Creative Assembly. "For example, the fact that a district is too crowded will affect the public order badly, but it will not affect the nobility and their support."

Eight Princes will be released on August 8 for $ 9.99. You can reserve now with 10% discount on Steam.

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